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As I’m sure you know money talks in horse racing and we in particular have seen that late money gives you a very good indication of who is likely to win a race. Obviously this doesn’t apply to any old race and a move in one particular race that has had a few hundred pounds matched is less significant than a smaller move where hundreds of thousands have been matched.

So our aim is to bring you as much info as possible from the exchanges about the amounts matched and the odds movements to not only help you decide who to back but to pre-empt bigger moves and get on before the prices plummet!

Over time we will look to add further information to this page, including best bookie price available and we are also considering being able to search the days races for specific criteria in terms of liquidity, size of the odds move, odds range etc. We may look to provide some kind of email/text alerting system for this too. If there’s something you’d like to see or have access to please contact us and let us know!