World Bet Exchange (WBX) Review

World Bet Exchange (WBX)

WBX or World Bet Exchange is a betting exchange I’d been meaning to check out for a long time. An avid user of Betfair and sometimes Betdaq too, it can be very easily to discount any competition as not being worthwhile but I was pleasing surprised by many aspects of the London-based exchange.

Firstly the website is excellent. It’s not flashy but it reminds me in many ways of the old Betfair style which I still choose as my default preference today. Some aspects of Betfair take too long over the exchange website itself and WBX has to have one of the quickest websites to navigate around and place your bets that I’ve seen. It also refreshes the odds at a quicker rate than most betting websites.

Another major plus for WBX is their commission structure. On sports with only 3 teams/players you only pay 3% e.g. football, tennis etc, it’s 4% for any event with 4 outcomes and on anything else 5%. If you are a good enough bettor/trader to consistently make profit then you also don’t need to worry about any sort of Premium Charge because with WBX there isn’t one.

WBX also has its own mobile version of the sites. There’s nothing to download just simply navigate to and you’ll see that the interface much like the actual website is very fast to get your bets on and there are no flashy gimmicks.

A lot of the profit made in our tipster competition has been backing long shots. On exchanges such as Betfair and WBX you can get better prices on these selections because the markets are more accurate and carry less overround than with the bookies. WBX is a great option for these bets because you can make bets for a little as £1 which is better for trialing strategies than the £2 minimum with Betfair.

The reason it took me so long to check out WBX is because when I firs looked at it a few years ago there was practically no liquidity. This is the main problem exchanges face when trying to compete with Betfair. It’s pleasing now though to see liquidity on WBX and other exchanges like Betdaq come much closer to Betfair whose liquidity has declined somewhat too.

WBX Members apparently now place over 3 million bets per day, on over 5000 markets each week. They also have a good live betting product with over 500 live betting markets in a variety of sports like Soccer, Tennis, and Cricket each week.

Betfair has been known have server problems in play and various amounts of downtime so whilst WBX is probably not yet a full-blown competitor to Betfair it is a good plan to use alongside Betfair. There will be times you can’t Trade out your inplay bet on betfair and need to cover your liabilities and there will be times when it makes sense to get 3% on your footy bet instead of the 5% or more with Betfair.

The difference between 5% and 3% commission can work out to be a lot of money over time and WBX has will improve the returns particularly on your football bets.

When you sign up to WBX they also give you up to £25 in free bets beginning once you have won or lost £100. Not the greatest free bet ever to be honest but it’s another plus point to an excellent service.