Winners all round!

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while. I’ve actually been out enjoying the sun we’ve had in England recently. You just never know when the next bit of sunshine will come so you have to take advantage when you get the opportunity. Funnily enough waiting for opportunities has also rewarded me in terms of betting too as because I’ve been spending a lot of time enjoying the weather, I’ve only made bets and trades that have stood out and much of the time been alerted to me.
Examples of this are checking live score and finding Serena Williams is struggling and floating around evens. You just know that this is a low risk trade and her winning a couple of points will restore the markets faith and the price come crashing back down.  It’s so much easier too not having to search out bets and look at the stats to death because I’m only betting/trading when I have strong opinions which are formed from an in-depth knowledge of those who are playing.
Consequently I just can’t stop winning right now! I know it sounds unbelievable but those who read this blog regularly will know I seldom make these type of claims. I also know there will be those that say if you are having that many winners/winning trades then you are not taking enough risk and you could potentially win more but I’ve also mentioned how valuable not having long losing streaks can be if not only on your state of mind.
Talking of Winners, I’ve also discovered a great new bookmaker recently called Winner Sports. They are long-established in poker and casino and are now competing with all the sportsbooks out there too. They have an excellent website and a whole host of free bets and offers and so far I’m very impressed. They give you £50 free for sports betting but have a whole host of free bets and offers which you can see on this page here.