Will Arsenal Fans Get Their Own Slot Game?

Thanks to the rise in online gambling, many people who place bets also play inside a casino. There has been a real surge in gambling as a whole, with a lot of players choosing to place sports bets and play in an online casino, depending on the mood they are in and what they would like to do.

One of the improvements this has brought about in the casino industry has been in the number of sports-related slot games we have seen released, while we have also seen a rise in the quality of them too. In an attempt to attract more sports punters to the world of online casino gaming, developers have created high-quality sports slot games for players to play, giving them something they are familiar with.  

Football is, of course, the biggest betting sport in the world, and with that in mind, it is no surprise to see that there are numerous football-based real money slots games available for players to play. However, recently we have seen one of the leading developers move away from traditional football slots to create games directly aimed at fans of one club.

Blueprint Gaming Produce Celtic Football Club Slot

One of the biggest game developers is Blueprint slots who have created some fantastic titles in the past. These include sport-related games but they have also created a game for one football club, which was made for fans of Celtic Football Club.

Celtic are one of the biggest teams in the UK but not on the same scale as the big guns of the English Premier League and could we see Blueprint target that league next as they look to appeal to even more customers with their next slot? Arsenal are one club that would give them a huge fanbase that they can appeal to, so it would be no surprise to see them next on the list of clubs which could see their own slot game developed.

With an exciting Arsenal based theme, there is no doubt that fans would be interested and intrigued by the slot. If it worked in the same way as the Celtic slot then you would see Arsenal related symbols such as the club badge and stadium, as well as general football symbols like the ball so it would be a very relatable slot game for fans of the club to play.

When people are choosing which slot game they would like to play, the theme is vitally important. Although you can enjoy a game if you don’t know the theme, if you do know the theme then it adds a completely new element to the game and makes it even more interesting and gripping for the player. For big fans of The Gunners, having an Arsenal themed slot would be their ideal way to play slot games, trying their luck while spinning the reels on a game that has Arsenal related symbols on it.

The Future of Football Based Slots

At the moment, if you want to play a football-based slot then the majority of them out there are based around general football symbols and gaming such as the ball, the net, a player and things like that. However, if we see companies such as Blueprint trying out slots that are based solely around one team then we could be about to see a big change in the way that football slots are produced.

If you have a slot game available that is based around the team you support then you are far more likely to choose that game over a standard football game that you cannot really relate to, other than because you like football. If this is the case and the trends show that these games are popular with players then you can expect more and more clubs to be targeted by the developers, and in the future, we could even see this stretch to lower league clubs if the demand is there.

For a long time, we have seen developers create sport-based slot games in an attempt to get sports betting players to move across and also play on slot games. Many have done that, so this can be seen as a success but there is still a huge market of people out there who need more of an incentive.

Games such as the Celtic slot, and an Arsenal slot if that is the next club to have one, look as though they are going to be very popular with players, and for that reason, it would be no surprise to see more created. These will allow fans of those clubs to play a slot game they can relate to like never before, and with that, we could see these club based slot games become hugely popular games inside online casinos.  

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