VapeCom to sponsor tipster comp

We’re always grateful for a bit of help providing the prize money for the tipsters in our tipster competition and VapeCom – Online Vape Store have kindly offered to help out by becoming our main sponsor. Thanks VapeCom!

The introduction of vaping is something I’m very grateful for as it’s enabled my Dad to finally quit smoking after over 40 years on the fags. He’s much healthier for it and being a lot cheaper than cigarettes, it’s also saved him a lot of money in the process.

Many people who like a bet also like a smoke and if you’ve struggled to kick the smoking habit but not yet given vaping a go, then it’s about time you did!

There’ll now be a little extra money to allocate as a spot prize in the month of July for the tipster who contributes the most effort either with his tips or to the site in general.