Top 5 betting tips to help you win big

Betting incorporates most elements that many people love that is it is fun, simple to understand and it occasionally pays well. Due to these elements, many people nowadays engage in one form of betting or the other whether the young folk or old, male or female.

When you place a bet, it automatically becomes a gamble and by the face of it, a gamble is a risk i.e. it possesses both elements of success or failure. However, mastering certain betting tips eliminates a larger portion of failure thereby giving you more shots at winning. Regardless of which casino game or niche you choose whether its sports betting, table games, slot games, BRC Sires Produce or esports, you need to master betting tips and strategies to stand any chance of winning big. Below we give 10 betting tips that can help you covering different niches.

Know your sport

In sports betting or any other game for that matter, results and statistics do not really matter if you do not know the game inside out. Results for instance in football may paint a different picture than reality. A string of wins for a team does not necessarily mean that the team is performing superbly; it does not reveal the in-depth strength of the team nor its opposition. A team that is offensively average after taking on a few defensively poor teams may start to appear impressive on paper while it is not so in reality. It is thus important to judge the performance of a team according to different criteria before placing bets and this is only possible if you know your sport inside out.

Knowing your sport or game also entitles you to know the rules of the game. Knowing the rules of a game helps you in many ways especially if you are playing in a tournament or if you have visited a land-based casino. A lack of appreciation of a game’s rules will make you appear as a newbie to other bettors thus you become the easy prey everyone wants to bet against for easy pickings.

The favourite may disappoint

This is one important tip especially for newbies to betting and those punters who dislike parting with their money. Opting for the bookies’ favourite sounds just right for many but evidence suggests it’s not always the case.

Whether it’s in tennis, horseracing, golf, football or any other game, between two opponents there is always an underdog. Extreme caution is key when you want to bet on the favourite. Though stakes heavily weigh against the underdog, on some occasions the underdog may surprise many and scoop the prize, thus do not be guided by the ‘favourite tag’ when you place your bets.

Play with many bookmakers

Flexibility is key when it comes to shopping for bookmakers. Every bookmaker will try to keep all their customers on their platform only. This, however, should not influence you in any way.

Different bookmakers have different terms even in the same betting market thus you need to shop around for the betting market and terms that fill your bill. One way of doing this is through using odds comparative sites like if your bankroll permits, the best way to take advantage of casino bonuses and promotions is to place multiple bets with different bookmakers, in this way you put yourself in a very good position of winning something from these bookmakers. Most bookmakers offer great promotional offers if one deposit and places a wager with real money thus you need to place bets with different bookmakers to stand any chance of winning big.

Opt for few selections

A 20-fold or 25-fold accumulator may seem to be the right thing especially when it shows that ridiculous potential payout at the bottom. However, as a rule, keep this in mind, the longer your ticket is the slimmer your chances of winning becomes. This is not to say you need to become a high roller betting singles but as a rule, make your accumulator not to exceed five bets.

Consider less obvious markets

Most punters have three or four markets that they like and bet on totally ignoring the many other markets. Imagine you are a football-betting fan who likes to bet on the English Premier League, however, today the only game available is between league leaders Manchester City offering very low odds and struggling Leicester City with good odds. Would you still go for a 90-minute win for Manchester City even though it comes with low odds? Don’t let this dissuade you, rather look for other less obvious markets like who is going to score the first goal, how many corners each side will have etc. this will give you more shots at winning big than focusing on the popular but poorly paying markets.