Tipwise Update – Ron’s Thoughts

This month’s Tipwise results have not been good. It was only the 3rd losing month in the last 10 months but the losses were quite hefty and it’s clear that a review and a revision of the service is required.

The below are Ron’s thoughts and how he is aiming to get things back on track.


Complete table below for 33 months of tipping in all three profiles on Betting Tools.

(1) Selection process based on recent form, more selections, longer prices.
10 months Non PREMIUM tipping as RON E Profit £3563 (35pts per month)

(2) Selection process based on recent form, longer prices, more selections
11 months Non PREMIUM as WHPPASNAPPA. Profit £2008 (18pts pm)

(3) Selection strongly researched hence shorter prices fewer selections.
22 months PREMIUM Tipping as TIPWISE Profit £617 (2.7pts pm)


Here are my thoughts for all to ponder, soon it will be two years of Tipwise being in the role of a premium tipster with Betting Tools, and I would like to pass my thoughts and experiences to all followers, in evaluating this service. First I would like to mention what an hard act I had to follow! in Ron.E profile with £3563 profit in just ten months averaging 36 points per month.

The following 22 months (to date) under the Tipwise banner It managed a mere £617 averaging only a 2.8 points profit per month in this period, a mighty fall by any stretch of the imagination.
In fact if you take in the subscribers fees (which on most months were returned) may have just about broken even not a very good advert for Tipwise.

Where did it all go wrong? I believe I can answer that calling on almost two years experience of being a premium tipster In that time I can honestly say I have learned what it takes to succeed as a premium tipster and taught even a more about myself.

My biggest oversight would be this time last year when I had a major losing run, this came after feedback from subscribers urging me to show a more bolder approach in my selections.
I had decided yes to being bold and give it a good go, You can guess what happened next? Yes! an all time losing run of 59 and more losses followed!.

Hindsight said I should have carried on in the same vein for the following month, I didn`t and decided instead to tread more careful and tried to ensure that subscribers DID NOT LOSE at all costs.

As I endeavoured to run a tight ship and make profit mointh on month on month. This was great to a degree with eight consecutive months of profit, however the downside to this, there was not enough profit in the bank to offset a major losing run.

Take a look at non premium tipping as Ron E when I tipped with complete freedom a made stunning profits which included several months with substantial losses, but still ending up with £3563 profit in just ten months.

Many of you will know I have also tipped since October under another profile of WhippaSnappa. I put this trial in place because it was non premium and it allowed me the freedom again that I enjoyed tipping under the Ron E banner.

How good that was! I feel I’m back to my best now I hope to transfer this success to Tipwise (Maybe I should revert to the RON.E tipster name)

It`s not a bad thing holding your hand up and saying you got it wrong, it only fires you up to bigger and better things, I believe it is now time to put all that experience into practice and give it a good go as the figures above speak volumes.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned is to ignore losing months and look at yearly figures. or even 3 yearly of a combined profit of £6393 to level stakes on all profiles it`s the long game that counts I hope you stick with it!.

Selections will be analysed in the same way as all WhippaSnappa and Ron E selections, which were fresh, bold intuitive and not bogged down in over analysed detail.

Now to all you TIPWISE subscribers and followers from Saturday 1st July 2017 there are going to be selections maybe as many as 35 tips some weeks, with a large majority double figure prices included I wish you luck.

Good Luck