The Racing Blogger – opinions?

The Racing Blogger

It appears Racing has a new star. No, not an equine one or a jockey in fact, but in the form of a blogger. The Racing Blogger. Well not really a blogger, as he doesn’t actually have a blog.

He creates and uploads videos of his racing bets, previews and on course antics via Twitter and Youtube. I guess he would be more appropriately named as ‘The Racing Vlogger’. He must be sick of people asking “Where’s the blog mate?!”.

Donning a questionable haircut and from the Matt Chapman school of presenting, The Racing Blogger or Stephen as his Mum calls him, looks to be trying to emulate the blueprint to success that messrs Cassius and Helder have had with their IFL boxing channel. It seems that this was almost a role waiting to be fulfilled.

With nearly 10,000 followers, a Paddy Power advert and a Racing Post article now on his resumé, everyone wants a piece of the blogger’s success and we’re no exception, hence the writing of this article.

Posting tips on Twitter (not to mention short priced ones and threatening to leave twitter if they lose), always invites abuse but the hate from some racing folk goes deeper than that.

For some, the Blogger isn’t knowledgeable enough about racing and didn’t ‘deserve’ to be featured in the Racing Post Q and A segment earlier this month.

Love him or hate him though, he is certainly entertaining and for so many to have an opinion proves he’s doing something right. Those that criticise are almost certainly still watching.

You need to be brave and have a thick skin to succeed when you put yourself out there for the world to see and The Blogger definitely ticks that box.

Anyone who stands up at an Arsenal match severely lacking in atmosphere and shouts into his phone aided by seflie stick, is not short of confidence.

Bollocks by da bollocks as he might say.

With plenty of racing folk on BettingTools but not all active on Twitter, I am interested in hearing what you think of the Racing Blogger? Feel free to share your opinion via the comments.