The Most Testing Sports

Which is tougher cardio or strength training? Everyone’s going to have a different answer to that question but most work out aficionados are going to be telling you its cross fit for the most intense work out. But when it comes to sport, there tends to be significantly more contention about which sport demands the most from its players.

If you ask someone who plays American Football if Ice Hockey is a tougher sport, they’ll probably insist that football is harder despite the added difficulty of ice skating in terms of skills required. We figure having a better appreciation of the skills required might help you make smarter assessments if you’re thinking of staking some cash on an event, maybe by betting online at Paddy Power, then it pays to be aware of the physical costs of the sport so you can appreciate the effort going into every play.

To that end, we have this handy infographic that goes through 5 of the tougher sports out there and letting you know why we think they’re so challenging!

Physically demanding sports