The Betting Revolution and Rise of Football Betting Tipsters

For the younger readers, it might be hard to imagine that only a decade ago punters looking to place a bet on a football match, even in the highest leagues throughout Europe and indeed worldwide, had to travel to their local brick and mortar bookies and make their selections on a piece of paper before handing it in to the cashiers desk to be approved & submitted.

Fast forward to 2020, the betting industry has come forwards in leaps and bounds with the assistance of technology and ultimately, the internet. Now a days, the bookies on the high street is a very different place with (almost exclusively) only the old school generates choosing to place a bet in person. The betting industry is now awash with online bookies, including all the leading high street names coupled with constant new players in the game offering a vast array of betting markets and opening up the opportunity for punters to place a bet from anywhere, on any device, providing they have an internet connection and compatible device.

With this new era of betting, we have also seen new markets, not specifically for placing bets, come into the fray. We are, of course, referring to man-made phenomena’s like matched betting, betting syndicates, and betting tipsters (professional outfits) offering the recreational punter a supposed chance to peek behind the curtain and place bets with prior knowledge. Whilst these types of corporations sometimes just advise a common sense approach to betting; they also go deeper… looking at historical analytical data on results and searching for betting outfits who have perhaps overpriced selections on any given sporting event. One of the leading outfits offering these kind of services to punters based on a subscription style monthly membership, is

This switch and introduction has forced bookies to invest heavily in state of the art technology and indeed a work force who enable the bookies to instantly revise and suspend betting markets should they detect unnatural, or heavy betting patterns on any given selection. Compare this with the late 90’s and odds would typically be fixed, or at least slow to react to market forces. In the past, data would be assessed and acted upon manually, whereas with the great strides we have seen in computing recently have meant statistics, past form & betting patterns can be acted on almost instantly and odds adjusted accordingly.