Tennis Trading – Do’s and Don’ts

The tennis trading is going extremely well still which is a good job as my tennis bets are woeful. The tip of the day has hit a bad spell and it’s pretty much down to the tennis as it’s the only sport I’m not in profit in. It makes sense really as the unpredictability of tennis makes trading relatively easy and betting very difficult. I’m going to consider making it a football only tip of the day because i can’t take many more losing tennis bets!

As well as the tennis trading has gone, that’s not to say it couldn’t  have gone better. I still made a few mistakes a long the way as it had been a while since I had don a lot of trading and I have come up with a list of do’s and don’ts that sum up the good and bad things that I’ve done whilst trading recently. Enjoy.

1)      Know your surfaces and the difference between blue and red clay for example!
2)      Make you sure you know the history of both players and any massive changes in current form. If you don’t know bet.
3)      Have a list of 3 main strategies that you know work for you and decide whether the match you are watching falls under one of these categories before you place a bet.
4)      Enter the market at the same initial stake each time. Decisions need to be made quickly without worrying about what stake you should use and varying staking will lead to hasty decisions when you’ve gone in too big.
5)      Respect the market. If the odds are 1.1 they may trade higher again but the fact is the player leading will win very close to 90% of the time on average as odds suggest so stake accordingly i.e. bet to win x if you are laying rather than bet with set liability.
6)      Leave the biggest green on the player you least expect to win. In my experience this pays massive dividends long term.
1)      Assume that strategies used in WTA work in ATP and vice versa. They are very different. Clue, one is dominated by the serve, the other isn’t  😉 
2)      Enter the market hoping for a few quick ticks and then get back out. It’s tempting to do sometimes but will contribute little to profits and cause panic when the market moves against you.
3)      Bet without live pics. You can get excellent value without watching a match but the uncertainty of not knowing exactly what’s going on often leads people to panic and make hasty decisions.
4)      Top up on extremely short odds. Traders will tell you that this is good but you never get anything like the same kind of value at the lower end in my experience not at all worth it particularly in WTA.
5)      Start believing all 1.05s are a lay, they aren’t and not all strong favs a set down should be backed either. There is no one strategy that fits all!
6)      Bet on short priced favs in mickey mouse tournaments. They are often just used as a warm up and there are a lot of non-triers who turn up to these just for the appearance fee.