Today’s post is Andy Murray inspired as even though he lost in another grand slam final his performance on his previous 3 was much improved and his attitude has been so much more positive during this tournament. I feel he did himself and the nation very proud. Although he probably let Scotland down a bit by crying, as we all know how tough the Scots like us to believe they are!
It got me thinking about what it takes to be successful. Of course success comes more easily to some than others and luck can play a factor but all of life’s winners in my experience tend to be very positive people. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Murray has had his best tournament so far at the same time as being more positive and not beating himself up after every point he’s lost, shaking his head and cursing like he has done in the past. Yes, he didn’t have to face Nadal and this is perhaps the luck part but he played more aggressively and positively than I’ve ever seen him play and despite losing to the Greatest Tennis player of all time yesterday, there’s no doubting that his Wimbledon Tournament has been a success.
He will now need to see his loss as another vital experience into achieving his goal and not dwell on what might have been. Achieving in life is about being mindful, in the present to allow full concentration and any dwelling on the past or looking forward to the future is a hindrance. Successful people have all experienced failure to some extent and the way they react to it is key to how well they do in the future. For many, the actual failures give them the fire they need to inspire them for success. It’s pretty hard to be motivated when everything is handed to you and if everything came god given and naturally then what would be the point in training and trying to get better?  
So next time you lose a bet, don’t go out and get pissed or waste more money chasing or get too upset. Instead analyse the bet, the stake and think about what you can do next time to avoid that loss or make a better informed selection. Don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t make money betting or doing this, that or whatever. You can make a success of anything you want if you are prepared to work harder than most.