Sports Betting v Traditional Investing

If you are taking such a professional approach as we are with our betting investment plan then you might wonder why we’re not investing our money in stocks and shares. There may be a stigma attached to trying to profit from sports betting but with so much competition in the market odds and books that will take large sums like Pinnacle and Betfair, making big money from betting is a real possibility.

As you can see from the below I believe there are more advantages to sports betting as an investment than investing in the stock market.


Advantages of Sports Betting

Process is Simpler – Making a bet is much more of a simple process than buying shares which require a broker.

Easier to keep abreast of news – In investing The big shareholders always manage to get the important news or clues about how businesses are doing but in sports betting we all potentially have access to the same information and resources. Occasionally someone may know something that others don’t but it’s very easy to spot when this is the case in sports betting.

Turnover – More transactions are required to profit from betting or trading sports but if you have an edge you can turnover lots of money even with a small amount of funds and make big profits.

Requires less capital – Again as above you can turn over your money time and time again with sports betting very easily and it’s much easier to double your investment and potentially do better.


Advantages of Investing

Takes up less time – Once you’ve done your research and made a transaction you can pretty much leave it be. Of course it helps to keep on top of the news and further research may be required so that you can identify the best time to sell your shares. Remember that time is an investment too and must be considered as a cost.

Less time critical – Not only does investing take up less of your time it also doesn’t require so much time critical action. Sports events happen at certain times and days and will not wait for you whereas you can generally take your time with Investing.


After only 2 days in I’m down £46.73 which is about 12% of the overall fund and I’ve barely had a winner. 6 winners from 29 bets in fact! I’d easily blow more than this on one bet in the past though and it’s nice to see such a relatively small loss following a pretty disastrous spell. It’s a good test of my resolve as spells like this were bound to happen, just wish it’d been after a spell of profit! I knew that the number of loses would outweigh the number of winners when trying to find bets of significant value but it’s hard to imagine a much worse spell.

I’m completely unemotional about the amount of money which is a surprise as in the past even a one bet loss of £5 would annoy me. I think the fact that it’s a pretty small amount of my total funds helps and the fact that I know that I’m carrying on with this for the long haul regardless.

I think it bodes well that I’ve only had a 12% decrease in funds despite barely backing a winner in 29 bets. I feel like I’m managing risk pretty well. Take care of the risk and the winners will take care of themselves!