Premier League Value Bets 13th – 15th December

Another profitable weekend last week not before Chelsea had made me look stupid against Newcastle after me saying I would pretty much back them against anyone right now. I did add the disclaimer of “as long as they were 1.3 or over” so seeing as they are 1.2 this weekend. I won’t be touching that! I’m well aware they will probably win but I was never going to have them 80% or over likely to win regardless of last weeks result.

December is so far following in the footsteps of November and we’re back over +5% ROI for the season which is pleasing. Ideally I’d like to hit over 10% though as I’ve managed in previous seasons. Click here for updated spreadsheet.

Other than Chelsea and City who are short away at Leicester there’s a lot of closely priced matches and tough calls this week. I think it’ll be one of those volatile weeks where we either get nearly all right or none!