The Most Popular Concepts Online Casinos Choose for Games

Current casino games available online have come a long way from their traditional forms. New online casino games come with extensive features, and high definition graphics, sowing how much gamification as a trend has affected the industry. Gamification is a process where aspects of video games are used in non-video game mediums to promote certain attributes of these mediums. The best casino games currently adopt gamification to varying levels. Some of the elements of video activities currently in use in casino games include quests, leaderboards, missions, and leveling up. Present technology allows for more of these features to be incorporated in the modern online casino gambling game.

One main way to see the new game casino concept is through the themes that come with new casino slot games. They are varied and in-depth, covering everything for the casino graphics, fonts used, audios and symbol, and even the gameplay. These concepts play an important role in how one experiences online real money casino NZ. The following are some of the primary reasons why online casinos are adopting these game concepts;

  1. To Create an Immersive Experience

Online casino games are competing directly with each other and indirectly with land casinos and other social games online. To match what players enjoy in these other alternatives, they need an immersive experience which the themes provide.

  • To Allow for Entertainment

Even when gamblers want to play casino games for real money, they still want to be entertained and have fun while at it. The classic casino games may not be able to satisfy the demands and expectations of the modern player.

  • Capitalize on Marketing Appeal

Some of the concepts allow online casinos to maximize the marketing appeal of the concept’s inspiration. For example, the Game of Thrones television series was a runaway success, and everything related to it grabbed attention and attracted a following, which explains why it was adopted as a casino slot machine concept.

  • Differentiate from Competition

Casino concepts allow software developers and individual online casinos to separate themselves from the competition and even curve a reputation for having the funniest activities. Themes are a decisive factor on which casino a player will choose.

  • Have Convincing Storylines to Hook Players

Casinos always want to keep players coming back to the slots or casino table games. Only with a concept can they have a hooking storyline, gameplay, or rules which the players will have to come back to every time to play and enjoy.

Over the years, certain concepts become legendary among players either because they offer the best entertainment or they help players earn more money. Here is a look at the most popular concepts for online casinos use.

  1. Mythology

Myths provide both mystery and familiarity. Their familiarity is that most of the myths are well known so they can quickly create a connection with the players. Their mystery is in the gameplay since no one’s sure what to expect. They usually feature heroes, gods, and goddesses, and they can either be foes or helpers. Some examples include The Age of Gods by Playtech, NetEnt’s Hall of Gods, and Microgaming’s Thunderstruck titles.

  • Fantasy

Fantasy football and others bring the magic element to the online casino with mythical beasts battling it out against or for you. There are dragons, fairies, magicians, and all the expected ingredients of the fantasy genre. There are many more casino games features elements of fantasy concept with Microgaming’s Monsters in the Closet and Playetch’s City of Atlantis being excellent examples.

  • Ancient History

Ancient history from Mesopotamia to Egypt to China and back to Greece and Rome provide endless sources for online casino games concepts. The story of Cleopatra and the tales of the Egyptian Pharaohs have been adopted by some of the best gambling game to make money. Zeus, Atlas, Gladiators, and Spartacus are concepts from the Greek and Roman worlds, which color many online activities. The history of the Chinese Empire, the Samurais of Japan, and the Mayans and Aztecs are other common and popular things to play online.

  • Film and Television Series

The appeal of film and television series mean there is so much the online casino industry could not miss out on. From the tales of Indiana Jones to the already mentioned Game of Thrones and Ghostbusters and Star Trek, many TV and successful films have found themselves in online casino activities.

  • Shows

Beyond TV shows, TV shows are another concept that is popular in online casino games. They are already familiar to the audience, and they have gameplay in place, which makes it easy for their adaption to slots. Popular examples of game show concepts include Deal or no Deal, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right.

  • Science Fiction

Science Fiction allows developers to create their own universe and rules with attractive storytelling. It also offers room for plenty of graphics to be used and symbols ranging from planets to aliens and stars. The top three examples of titles in this concept are Starburst by NetEnt, Supernova by Microgaming, and Invaders by Betsoft.

  • Vegas Gambling Culture

Cities have also been used as an inspiration for casino game concepts e. However, no city comes close to Vegas in the number of real poker online NZ games it has inspired. SinCity, Vegas Joker, Vegas Nights, and Viva Las Vegas all provide the excitement and reward you expect to find in Las Vegas.

  • Sports

Sports are used to appeal to the sports fan and the symbols and graphics matching the respective sport. The game play may be limited, but the icons of sports legends still hold the appeal to the player.

  • Comics

Comics, especially superheroes like the characters in the Marvel and DC Comics universe, form another popular source of concepts with their villains, universes, and tools creating immersive backdrops and storylines for the games they are used in.

  • Adventure

Adventures and quest have long provided online gambling activities with source material for concepts. They can be easily be used with other concepts or stand on their own.

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