Playing Poker

Playing Poker

Although I’d always enjoyed a game of poker I have to admit I never fully understood what I was doing and got confused between which hands were higher than others but recently I’ve got into Poker in a big way.

I’ve very rarely diverged from Sports Betting to try Poker/Casino because I always believed that I could have no advantage. The thing is though that there is no overround or house edge in online poker, so once you know your stuff it’s arguably easier to make money from than sports betting. Now that I’m armed with more Poker knowledge I’m beginning to appreciate this and to enjoy the game much more.

Not that I needed further encouragement but fuelling my desire to do well have been articles on world number one ranked poker player Phil Ivey and more recently on Victoria Coren’s (Wife of David Mitchell from Peep Show) £400,000 win in the European Poker Series.

I was already a member at Party Poker so decided to back and try it out. I was very rusty and lost my small deposit pretty quickly. I then saw an advert for Unibet’s Poker site and liked the fact that they offered a £10 no deposit bonus. I soon discovered that the gameplay is also excellent at Unibet and I like the fact that you can create multiple profiles.

This time I decided to take it seriously play properly and thinks if I would when I evaluate a sports bet and if I didn’t like my chances I didn’t bet and folded. My fortunes soon turned and I managed to roll over the bonus in just a few days and have over £30 to play with after not depositing anything. It’s not a huge amount of money but with the blinds at 2p and 4p and the fact that I’m still new to Poker I was pretty pleased with that start.

I’m now at a stage where I feel I’m a pretty competent Poker Player. I’m sure I still have a lot to learn and improve upon but I understand the game a lot more now. I’ve put together a list of 12 important things I’ve learnt in the past couple of months mainly to remind myself of what to/what not to do but maybe other poker newbies will find these helpful too. I’ll add these in a separate post but please feel free to share your own tips too by commenting.