How to bet on the lottery online

For some time now, the UK gambling market has moved away from offline means such as retail, and towards the online segment. In fact, online gaming and betting has been more common than in-person play for most sectors, with the only real exception being the lottery. However, it is now also possible to bet on lotteries online, and some betting operators even have a section on their website, dedicated to the pastime.

It also comes as no real surprise that most newcomers to the industry make their point of entry websites or online betting apps – they are much more accessible and convenient than their land-based counterparts – and smartphones very much lead the way as the main acquisition tool.

If you’re yet to delve into betting on the Irish Lottery online – or any other forms of betting and gaming, for that matter – we’ll show you how easy it is to set up an account and once you’re there, the sorts of things you can expect to find online.

How do I create an account?

Step 1: sign-up

To register, you’ll first need to access the Paddy Power website or mobile app. When prompted by the ‘join’ tab, you will need to enter a number of personal details, including name, date of birth, gender and address. Once you’ve done, it’s time to create your account. Your log-in details will comprise of your email address and password. Because online casinos are incredibly secure, you’ll need to set-up a security question and answer and this could range from anything as memorable as your mother’s maiden name to the school you went to. To ensure you are betting and playing within your means, why not cap a limit, either daily, weekly or monthly? This will make sure you’re not spending any more than you need to, or can afford to.

Step 2: add funds and play

To deposit funds, you can either enter the details of a debit card, or choose alternative methods, which offer a whole host of other options. Some of these include bank transfer, PayPal or accounts with other providers, Skrill for example. It’s important to know that as of earlier this month, the Gambling Commission has forbidden using credit cards as a method of payment when it comes to depositing funds into your betting account. When you have entered all the relevant details, you are ready to play.

How do I bet on the Irish Lottery?

You’ll find everything you need on the Lotteries tab. The Irish Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday and you can only place your bets on the first upcoming draw i.e. on Tuesdays, you’ll see Wednesday’s draw only. Select the Main Draw, Plus 1, Plus 2, or a combination of all three and get ready to choose your numbers.

A quick pick will randomly select the numbers for you, ranging from a single number (which will bring a return of 6/1), all the way up to all five numbers (which rewards you very generous odds of 130,000/1). Alternatively, choose your own numbers – maybe you have lucky numbers, ones that are sentimental or have stories attached to them. The odds are the same, regardless of whether you or the computer selects your numbers. Place your bet and wait for the draw.

There’s also the Irish Daily Million, which takes place every day at 2pm and 9pm. Betting on this particular variant online is much the same as the main game – choose between one and five numbers and hope your luck is in.

Gone are the days you need to walk around to the corner shop to get your Lotto tickets, fill them in and get your receipt, before huddling around the TV that night to hear the latest results and see if you are a winner. Playing and betting on the lottery online is a much more convenient way for our tech-savvy society. While we cannot step into brick-and-mortar casinos, bookmakers and dedicated Bingo halls, the online equivalent provides all you need in a safe, secure and sociable environment.