Pinpoint Accuracy! (July Prizes)

Tipster Table for July 2016

A cracking month with a very impressive profit total for the site of over 800 units of profit to 10 unit stakes and we congratulate Pinpoint for choosing plenty of winning selections and winning the Tipster Table Title for July. He not only fought off a superb month from BettingTools legend Big Al but he also managed to accumulate more profit than the master that is Andy Holding!

Superted had yet another good month and at the risk of jynxing him, the racing expert finally seems to have found the consistency his tipping required.

It was much less competitive in the Footy and Tennis but with the footy season ready to get going this month, that will all change. AntaeusTen takes top spot with an impressive total for tennis betting.

Promoted to gold star status this month is Pinpoint who has impressed with some excellent insight and reasoning in his selections. Remember you qualify for double prize money when you get given this award so make you reasoning good! If you feel you’ve been overlooked for this award let me know and I will take a look.

I am looking at how best to improve the prize money structure. I opened up a thread here and Dynamite has given some decent suggestions. I need to have a proper look at what’s fair and possible for me to give out. I would like to make the prizes a percentage of the totals won as this is a much more professional approach and would stop anyone glory hunting for the ‘top prize’ but I am all ears to opinions on this. I’m hoping that we can have a revised system in place in the next month or so.

Keep your eye on the market movers and WOM alerts (Weight Of Money) this month. It’s early days but I think these profiles will prove to be good for spotting value and even for trading too. If you are aiming to follow them though, they can be triggered very close to the off and a betsender profile (for automated betting or a mobile phone with email alerts and a bookie account that you are already logged into is a must!

Full prizes list is below. As always send me your paypal details if I don’t have them.

Thanks to all tipsters for taking part and good luck in August.


Tipster Prizes -> Horse Racing
Pinpoint -> £25
Big Al -> £15
Superted -> £10
DaveStevos -> £5 + £5 GS Bonus
Racing Beast -> £5 + £5 GS Bonus

Tipster Prizes -> Football and Tennis
AntaeusTen-> £25
ValueBets -> £15
Miske1x2 -> £10
ColdGold -> £5 + £5 GS Bonus
Alcuni-> £5 + £5 GS Bonus