Pinnacle Sports – Bookmaker


I have accounts with pretty much every bookmaker going firstly to take advantage of the sign up offers but more importantly to find the best prices on my bets. I do try and place the majority of bets with Betfair but I will go elsewhere if there’s a much better price and Pinnacle Sports are often able to offer this.

A lot of gamblers will not have heard of Pinnacle and to be honest I hadn’t until about a year ago! They are not affiliated to Oddschecker and so don’t appear on their despite much of the time offering the best odds. They probably believe that as they offer the best odds so frequently that they don’t need to pay to advertise this fact.

Unfortunately Pinnacle have no App for smart phones at present which I’m a little disappointed about but the fact that Pinnacle won’t ban you if you are a winner and that they very rarely limit your bets more than makes up for this. They are that confident in their pricing that they offer most markets at 98 or 99% and this I why they feel they can offer people the best odds.

I’ve talked a lot recently about the importance of getting the best odds and turning over lots of bets and in my opinion Pinnacle is up there with Betfair when it comes to allowing you to do this. Some people don’t like to have too many bookmakers account or find it difficult to manage but this is a must have even if it’s your only one.

Using Pinnacle Sports is one of best ways to help you profit for gambling so if you don’t have an account be sure to sign up below now!