November Prizes


Well November started pretty well but it certainly didn’t end it! I think it was one of the most difficult months we’ve seen overall but the good news is that if you’ve survived that one, the rest should be a breeze.

There are still plenty of positives to take and the mark of success is making sure that you limit the damage when things are bad and that you put yourself in a position to get lucky. The luck didn’t really come this month but many of the top tipsters still finished with a small profit and in a month like this is as good as a huge amount of winners in my opinion.

BVBiggies returned some whopping winners but being part of a premium subscription, the top prize instead goes to Superted this month who has 125/1 shot White Valiant to thank for his November triumph.

It’s great to see a few old names back in Culvey, The Chief and McGhee and The Chief will have surprised nobody by finishing second in his first month since returning.

Well done to the usual suspects, Eagle, KT, AJ and WhippaSnappa AKA Ron who continue to show some incredible consistency. ApprenticeJo (AJ) deserves a special mention as he has now finished with a profit for an incredible SEVEN months in a row! Thanks too to DaveStevos for chucking in a nice big winner on Shelbe and a place or two.

Season’s greetings to all and I hope Santa brings us all plenty of luck, we deserve it!

I’m really looking forward to 2017 and have plenty of ideas to improve the site. As always keep your suggestions coming and thanks to those who have sent me some already.


Tipster Prizes -> Horse Racing 
Superted -> £25
The Chief -> £30
Eagle Eyes -> £20
ApprenticeJo -> £10
DaveStevos -> £10

Tipster Prizes -> Football and Tennis
Alcuni -> £25
ColdGold -> £30
AntaeusTen -> £20