Nothing to Bet On? Try Freebies.

Do you bet on every sport? Probably not. Definitely not, if you expect to be profitable long-term, right? Sports bettors make profits by knowing teams, players and the sport to an incredible depth, allowing them to find edges and angles that John Doe who puts £100 on his favorite team does not see.

That formula, done consistently, yields long-term profits, just like a great poker player wins in the long run.

Offseason – Gambling Away Profits

Many sports bettors will find they make a good profit during “their” sport, only to lose their tails during the other months of the year that they make wagers on events and sports that they don’t have that depth of knowledge.

They have become the John Doe gambler who they took money from when they were making smart bets on their specialty.

It is not impossible to get good at more than one sport. Until you do though, consider the following.

Access “Freebies” – No Risk Gambling

Check out which lists free chips, spins, contests and freerolls on everything from slots to poker. The vast majority of these are “no deposit” offers. No deposit or purchase required to take the free deal. Just register an account.

Contests often only require a like or share on your favorite social media.

What’s the Catch?

Bonus funds have wagering requirements. Some of those can be pretty stringent. So if you win some money with your no deposit or free spin code, you will be required to make a number of wagers before requesting a cash out.

Contests and Giveaways? There is no catch. The payouts are usually bitcoin or paypal. The required actions are simple, and are a way that the site generates more buzz and grows its circle of community and influence.

Can you Profit?

Here’s the million dollar question, right? The short answer is, no, casino games have a built-in house edge that means the house will always win in the end. However, there are a few ways to see profit.

– Look for offers on poker, sports, or drawings. Those are all games that you can profit from your skill, or just enjoy the prize won.

– Play tournaments like slots freerolls and blackjack tournaments. There is some thought that blackjack and slots tournaments can be profited from, since you are pitting your strategy against other humans, and not so much trying to be the house. Example: Blackjack Tournament Tips (

– Go big or go home on “casino” style offers. Since wagering requirements are large, you are going to need to win a big balance from your free spins or free chip, to then wager until you meet the minimum requirement. In the beginning, just bet as much as you can. With the right lucky streak, you can have enough of a balance, that placing the appropriate wagers is feasible.

– One last profit tip that embodies the whole point of this article; You will be killing time and not putting your bankroll at risk, while you wait on opening day to kick off on the sport that is truly your specialty, instead of making weak bets on other sports. A penny saved is a penny earned, right?

Good luck!