New Year Plans

I hope you all followed my advice backing Phil Taylor in the last couple of rounds. Those were generous odds in my opinion and I went bigger than usual, although I have to admit to being slightly concerned at 5-4 and Taylor shaking! Despite it ending up close, I still believe Taylor wins that match 8 times out of 10 overall and if it got close Barney may well have started doubting himself again. I’m going to leave the final well alone and sit back and enjoy the match. Hopefully Taylor will be over his cold that we’ve heard so much about!
The jury is out on the new Drawfinder strategy. After 3 good weeks and 3 bad ones we’re pretty much back where we started and although it seems like a waste of time I’m still hopeful. This is because nearly all of the games I’ve picked have had 1 goal in them and the 5 fixtures I select are almost always the correct ones. I think I’ve missed 2 draws in total and one of those was 3-3 so I’m happy to miss that in a way. I’ve a feeling that the results aren’t great just because the draw count is a lot lower than earlier on in the season when it was over-performing and so I’m going to give this strategy another couple of months before I decide whether it’s worth continuing.
In the new year I want to get back to making some interesting blog posts again as opposed to just posting strategy selections as I enjoy this more and I’d also like to write about how the rest of my betting is going, following successful tipsters as I often do and hopefully getting back into the lucrative tennis trading. I’ve got my staking down to a fine art now and will also be sharing my findings on this.
I’ve a feeling 2013 is going to be a lucky one for me. The number 13 may be unlucky for some but this statement itself could imply that it is lucky for most and is in fact considered a lucky number in Italy J
Happy new year!
*** UPDATE – New years day selections
Best Odds
West Brom
Man City
Aston Villa
West Ham