More Than Betting: Why You Should Try Slots Next Time You Visit An Online Casino


Here at Betting Tools, we tend to focus on sportsbooks, horseracing and, you guessed it, betting. Why wouldn’t we? There’s nothing better than knowing exactly who or what to place a wager on, be that due to gut instinct or tactical decision making. That said, the online casinos that also host sportsbooks tend to have a lot more to offer than odds and deals. These days, it’s not unusual for a brand’s sportsbook to be just one element of a huge platform packed with table games, bingo and slots. It’s the latter game that we’ll be focusing on today, as slots have swiftly become a worldwide favourite pastime, and we think it’s about time we gave them a go. Here’s why:

Plenty of Variety

loose slots

Back in the day when brick-and-mortar casinos were the only place we could go to play slot machines, the number of games was often… unimpressive. Sure, there were classic fruit machines and maybe one or two new 5-reel offerings, but it was easy to become bored. That is, unless your local casino happened to be on the Las Vegas Strip anyway. Fortunately, following the introduction of the internet, the amount of slots available at a singular casino has grown enormously. Just a look at a casino comparison site helps showcase the wealth of options available. For example, we can find out all about Dunder Casino on CasinoWings’ review. The casino offers over 800 games by some of the biggest iGaming software developers including Yggdrasil, Play ‘n GO, NetEnt and IGT.

Minimal Learning Curve

Can you remember the first time you placed a bet? Chances are you weren’t nearly as confident as you are today, as learning to read sportsbooks, weigh up wagers and find the best odds takes quite a while to master. While time and patience are required to really become a confident bettor, learning to play slots shouldn’t take more than a few hours at most. Literally, all you have to do is place a wager and press the spin button. You could even press the Auto-Spin function – available on most slot games from Starburst to The Dark Knight – if you really want to put in as little effort as possible. Playing slots is easy to the point of even being relaxing for some players, the complete opposite to placing bets.

Massive Win Potential

Some people place bets for the thrill of it, others play slots because it’s fun, but most people play these sorts of games in the hopes of experiencing the thrill of victory. It’s not just about the money either, as the feeling of winning has been scientifically proven to have positive effects on our moods and minds. Slots give players the opportunity to experience this with very little effort or risk, and the jackpots don’t hurt either.

So, next time you visit your sportsbook or online casino of choice, will you be giving slots a go? Let us know if you will, or what your favourite slot is, in the comments below.