I’ve talked about how motivation in sport is very important before and the mentality of players/teams is equally important and goes hand in hand with this. The mentality of most teams in the first round of games in the Euros was not to get beat. Many were happy to settle for a draw or sneak a win but now we are on the second round of games, I expect this to be very different.
Whereas before most games were under 2.5 goals and teams put many players behind the ball, circumstances will be different given that some teams need to get a win to stay in the competition. This is why I think we saw so many headed goals in the first round of games because there was little space in behind defences as most teams were playing not to lose. So I would expect to see more goals and the teams with more ability in the final third coming out on top in the next round of games.
I actually missed both of the games yesterday and wasn’t able to bet. Had I done so I think I would have priced up the Czech’s pretty short so would probably have won there but I also believed Russia were most likely to win in the second game against Poland and wouldn’t have given the draw to much weight.
Holland will have to do more attacking tonight as they must feel 3 points is crucial and I actually think this will play into Germany’s hands. Holland looked sluggish when they didn’t have possession and lacked a clear game plan to me. When will Robben release the bloody ball! Germany will probably be happy with a point but we are talking about the ruthless German’s so the value has to be with them but you could always play it safe and lay the Dutch!
I expect the game between Denmark and Portugal to be a bit more cagey at least to start. Denmark will probably feel they have their tactics spot on after their win against Holland and will be reluctant against Portugal who should come guns blazing but if Denmark get the first on the counter they will probably shut up shop. Denmark have impressed me with their tactics against Holland and I think 4-1 is too big so I see value with Denmark on this one.

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