March Prizes

Tipster Table March 2017

Another very profitable month for the BettingTools tipsters in March with an overall profit of £1387.93 to £10 stakes, headed up by Pointage and Puntage who managed to show a huge profit over both their accounts and whom nobody else quite got close to.  I should make it clear that additional tipster accounts are permitted only if I’m convinced by a difference in strategy and I think you are capable of making profits across two accounts.

Daily Nap has had an impressive start, WhippaSnappa continued his fine form and after a successful Cheltenham I came back to tip on the horses with renewed confidence. I’m going all out to win April’s title so watch out folks!

You should have received an email from me describing how the prize money will change for the better and I hope you all like this new approach.

I think at times we get a bit complacent with the quality of tipping on this site and I know everyone leads busy lives these days but it’d be great to see a few more stop in and say hi in the comments. Keeping morale high and bouncing ideas off each other will really benefit the site and help it to continue.

Good luck for the rest of April and Daily Nap please contact me because I don’t think I have your paypal email address


Tipster Prizes -> Horse Racing 
Puntage -> £25
Pointage -> £15
Daily Nap-> £10
WhippaSnappa  -> £5
Brian Horses  -> £5

Tipster Prizes -> Football and Tennis
AntaeusTen-> £50
Alcuni -> £30