Manchester’s Bingo Hall Where You Can Win BIG

If you want to get a big break the next time you play bingo, Manchester’s luckiest bingo hall has been revealed – where a whopping £2.1 MILLION has been won by players. Yep, over 2 million smackeroos have been won by players, all whilst having a laugh with their close friends and families and having a jolly good time.

Take note – if you don’t live close to Manchester, don’t worry – Thanks to you can play online bingo from the comfort of your own home. You basically don’t need to move a muscle whilst enjoying all the great benefits of usual bingo – including the lively social banter in the chatrooms – all thanks to online bingo sites. You also get the chance to win huge jackpots!

The modern day sees people more distracted by their phones and the digital world than ever – it’s nice (and important!) to have some quality time with close friends and family. And doing that doesn’t have to leave you out of pocket!

The game of bingo and bingo halls are on the rise again, thanks to their fun and friendly atmosphere – and the Buzz Bingo in Stockport has been discovered to be where players are winning big jackpots in Manchester… Who’d have thought it!

Buzz Bingo paid out more than a huge £181 million in winnings over 119 different clubs and bingo halls in 2019 – and over £2 million was just from the Stockport club. Happy players there have said how they find bingo to be a really good way of mingling with new people – being able to win big money is just the cherry on top of all these other factors they find.

There are quite a few different Buzz Bingo’s across Manchester including Harpurhey, Ashton, Belle Vue, Salford and the big winning club itself Stockport. These clubs are a really great way for family and friends to have a chin wag and get caught up to speed on the latest news as they have a chin wag. They can also get a nice bite to eat and play some really good value bingo games.

If that still doesn’t sound quite enticing enough for you, how about sharing your winnings with all of those friends and family we were talking about?

A new study done has concluded that people who are lucky enough to win a bingo jackpot are actually very likely to share their winnings.

Yep, you read that correctly.

UK players – us lovely Brits – are a lot more generous than you’d think – even more so if you’re a bingo player. 85% of the people surveyed admitted they planned to happily share any large big wins or large sums of money they scooped up with family, and 61% said they’d even share the winnings they got with friends. This absolutely trounces the percentages of those who don’t play – a measly 36% of those admitted they’d share any prizes.

People are realizing bingo isn’t just an opportunity for them to win a few pounds – it’s a fun night out with friends, family and loved ones and a way to connect with their local community – it’s no surprise us Brits are so generous!

The clubs are seeing this element of the game on the rise as well as the online version, especially with all the new technology coming out that enhances the social aspect in online bingo. These rooms now have special themed rooms and lobbies where you can meet like-minded people, incredible chatroom functionality that’s moderated and there’s even talk of virtual reality bingo becoming a thing.

Imagine that, having the atmosphere and real-life bingo experience… anywhere!