Love at First Track: The Horseracing Venues of Your Dreams

Horse racing is the sport of kings, and Queens as you will soon find out, so it is only expected that it has a place to show for it. To be honest, there is more than one place it can afford to show, and they rarely come cheap, just like the thoroughbreds racing on those tracks.

The horse races are a dignified form of sporting event, made all the more special by the unique human-animal bond that emanates from the racetrack teams. In an attempt to provide them with the treatment they deserve, and at the same time meet and greet the horseracing aficionados as properly as possible, some race track venues have gone above and beyond to create the ultimate experience right on their tracks.


Ascot, Berkshire, UK

The Royal Ascot race has managed to live up to its title since 1711, when it was first opened as a racetrack venue. Situated close to the Windsor Castle, any horseracing fan is sure to get the full royal treatment as the Queen and other members of the Royal Family are a frequent sight.


Aintree, Liverpool, UK

The land which marks the first official origins of horse racing as a sport is sure to boast more than few iconic racetracks. The one at Aintree is recognized for the exhilarating atmosphere, both due to the challenging fences and trenches at the tracks and the numerous totes and bookies surrounding it. The faint of heart are better off turning to their live blackjack dealers instead of betting against any of the mares in the Grand National.


Longchamp, Paris, France

With the Seine flowing along the racetrack, you would be surprised that there is anything that can disrupt the serenity. Yet, one of the most prestigious events in the world of horse racing, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, consistently manages to attract a global crowd and ‘stage’ an excellent performance on all occasions.


Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky

There is not a single horseracing fan that hasn’t dreamt of attending the Kentucky Derby. Since its establishment in 1875, this venue has been able to host some of the largest crowds in the sport’s history. A record-breaking number of 170,513 viewers in the audience at the 2015 event, it is sure to fit you in if you make the time by next May, when it is traditionally held.

Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, California

While you may not be witnessing the most famous race in the US, a visit to this racetrack will allow you to enjoy one of the most beautiful natural sceneries while rooting for your racehorse. The San Gabriel Mountain range adds to create a specific, tangible tension as the horses sprint towards the finish.


Tokyo Racecourse, Japan

While nature-lovers enjoy the view back in California, those appreciative of modern architecture can catch a glimpse of the skyline at the Tokyo Racecourse. The massive video screens are the trademark of this racetrack, with a capacity of well over 200,000 horse racing fans.