Liverpool v Chelsea II

It was a bit of an uneventful weekend for me, even though I backed the draw at Villa v Spurs and was on Wigan last night. There were far too many draws (As I said there may well be a few posts back) but you can’t price the draw much lower  than what some of them were or they just aren’t value. Norwich almost caused an upset for us and if they had of done we’d have been laughing all the way to the bank. Instead it was a -25.56% return but nothing to cry about with the ROI still 23.98.

So on to tonight then and will Liverpool get revenge for their cup final defeat and will Chelsea have their minds on the Champions League final? Quite Possibly. However, Liverpool do not win this game anything close to 50% of the time and 2.12 is too short for me. A draw wouldn’t surprise me but the value has to be on Chelsea for this one. Maybe Fernando can bag a winner against his old club and prove they were wrong to sell him.

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