Less is More

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts and for the halt to my daily tip and euro 2012 value selections. I have been preoccupied with a lot of things recently including working on a site that makes it easy for people to follow my tips and where I can easily post sport related content. This is very much a long term work in progress though!
Because of these preoccupations, I have found less time to bet but miraculously have made much more profit. The reason being I have relied a lot more on pre-match value bets and inplay opportunities when they arise rather than trying to seek them out. If I know a bet is value but not exactly by how much I have been betting a fixed stake (roughly 2%) and if I can calculate what I think the true price is I up my stake accordingly (Kelly). 9 times out of 10 I have been using the fixed stake but this method along with not trying too hard o seek out opportunities and simply letting them appear via successful tipsters or my own judgement on a high profile game has paid dividends.
So it got me thinking about working hard at something and why it doesn’t always seem to be that the harder you work at something the more you reap from it. Everyone tells you how important working hard is when you are growing up but I believe myself to have worked harder than most people I know and I’m not really any wealthier and certainly no happier and so I wondered why this might be. The answer I came up with is that perhaps I have worked too hard to be successful and because of that I have explored areas I don’t necessarily enjoy and consequently haven’t been able to stick at. Also when you try and force things and overdo them, you can tire of them very easily and the pressure you put yourself under really takes its toll.
I am beginning to realise that working hard is already in my nature and it’s more important for me to concentrate on doing things that I enjoy. Sometimes I will work long and hard at something that I don’t enjoy and long term this is fruitless because you can’t stick at it and the effort just doesn’t seem worth it. It’s very easy for anyone to work hard at something they truly enjoy and so I think it’s about time we taught kids to focus on this first before working hard. And it’s not just about the job that you are doing it’s analysing which individual tasks within the job give you the most satisfaction. When you can identify these, you have a solid foundation for success.
This is something that I have considered in a lot of aspects in my life at the minute and it’s really helping. In terms of betting, it is something that will always be there and that I will always enjoy. Never more so than when it’s a bet on something I really enjoy watching. There are plenty of opportunities that arise without trying to seek them out on things where my knowledge and confidence is reduced and I can’t bet with any real confidence or enjoyment. Although I enjoy blogging and finding tips, trying to blog every week and finding one tip every single day has been difficult to keep up. I’m almost certain that my blog posts and tip results have suffered in quality because of the necessity to keep them going and this is why I’m going to ease off for a bit and also why I am working on a new site that will make it much easier to post my tips if and when I have them or when they arise to me!
Quite simply less is often more and sometimes you can try too hard.