Keeping Betting Records

Well after another disappointing set of results last night we have our first losing week for the premier League Bets. We’re still showing an ROI of 25.28% on level stakes which isn’t too shabby and if Bolton who should have had a penalty could have nicked it at home to Arsenal we would have had another profitable week.  There were 3 draws last night, including Fulham whom we backed conceded late on. As you can see the difference between winning and losing one match or even from week to week is minimal and it’s the long-term we care about. The updated sheet is here:
After a losing week such as this one (-46.4% for this week), it would be easy to start chasing or give up but this is why it’s important to keep records.  Our records show they we are still in good profit and there is no reason to panic. On the other hand, it’s early days for these bets and we need to keep tabs on whether our edge is being maintained. If we do maintain the edge we might want to increase stakes, without the risk of wiping out too much profit and our records will help us to see what kind of losing streak we can expect.
So as you can see keeping betting records is essential, not just for these Premier League bets but for all bets Back, LAYS, Each way bets, bets with Betfair or with other bookmakers. If you are serious it must all be recorded. I have devised a spread sheet that will help you to easily keep track of all of this. All you really have to do is put in your bet, the odds, the stake and select W,L or draw and the spread sheet will do all the calculations for you, calculating your ROI and letting you know how well you have done on each sport. The spread sheet can handle lay bets, each way bets and even takes off the commission you pay on any of them.
The link to spread sheet is below if anyone wants to try it out. Let me know if you spot any problems or need help making any modifications. I also welcome any suggestions for improvement. I hope you find it useful. The bets in the sheet are actually taken from those tipped up by As you can see from the sheet, he’s had a pretty incredible month and is well worth following if you aren’t already.