How to Get Through the Horse Racing Suspension

2020 is proving to be a frustrating year, as the effect of heightened health measures are beginning to be felt across the sporting world. With horse racing suspended until at least the end of April, it looks like next month will be a long and arduous one with nothing to entertain us.

Though it will no doubt be a tough time for horse racing fans, there are lots of other things that social distancing won’t affect – meaning plenty to keep you occupied while you wait for the excitement to return.

Try some online games

One place that social distancing can’t affect us in the online world. For many, this means that the possibility of having fun as well as winning money isn’t off the table.

Whether you’re a newbie who wants to try their luck or an experienced, longtime fan of the outlet, you can play online roulette & casino at There are a load of games to choose from and no doubt the excitement of betting will carry you over until horse racing returns.

Watch some appropriate classics

Nothing can get you in the sporting mood like a good movie, with plenty of highly rated ones available for streaming on demand. For horse racing fans, there are all kinds of classic movies based around the sport.

Secretariat, 50 to 1, Let it Ride and Seabiscuit are just some of the feel-good movies that will keep you entertained as well as keeping your mind on the sport during these slow off days.

Look towards future events

It’s worth remembering that, much like all sport around the world, most of the horse racing isn’t cancelled, it’s been merely postponed until the respective governments decide it’s safe to start again.

Although the Grand National is off, looking forward to future events that either already took place or have been moved to later in the year, will give fans something to look forward to. With all the money you could save during social distancing, it may be a good idea to plan a trip to an event in time for when it all returns.

Catch up on some reading

Like horse racing movies, there’s plenty of books that will keep your mind off of boredom and within the racing world. From classic underdog tales of unlikely horses making champions, autobiographies from legendary jockeys to statistical journals full of racing data, there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

Some of the recommended books include ‘The Sure Thing’ by Nick Townsend, Kieran Fallon’s autobiography ‘Form’ and ‘Stable Lass’ by Gemma Hogg.

Bet on closed-door races

Although horse racing has been postponed in full across Great Britain, Ireland is still allowing their races to go ahead behind closed doors.

The races aren’t as frequent as they would be, with meetings and collective training events limited to one per day. The races, however, are still going ahead and therefore are available for odds and betting where applicable. They may only be single races, with no major tournaments going ahead, but betting on these might just scratch that itch while the rest are postponed.