Holy Grail Selections 28th Feb

Here are this weekend’s selections. These have already been sent to confirmed Holy Grail followers and after getting a lot of interest already, this may be the last time we post these on the blog. So contact us asap if you still want to be considered to receive these.

Selection Odds Stake
Arsenal vs EVERTON 6.6 £93.70 (0.96%)
West Ham vs CRYSTAL PALACE 3.9 £89.22 (0.92%)
Bournemouth vs BLACKBURN 5 £84.56 (0.87%)
CARDIFF vs Wolves 2.8 £122.95 (1.26%)
Rotherham vs MILLWALL 3.5 £113.74 (1.17%)
SHEFFIELD WEDS vs Middlesboro 3.85 £81.43 (0.84%)
Chesterfield vs FLEETWOOD TOWN 3.85 £132.97 (1.37%)
ALTRINCHAM vs Barnet 3.8 £220.98 (2.27%)
Grimsby vs BRAINTREE TOWN 6.2 £95.77 (0.98%)
TELFORD UNITED vs Alfreton Town 2.32 £86.39 (0.89%)

At first glance a pretty disastrous mid-week for the Holy Grail. all 6 matches on Tues were losses but it was the manner of defeats and how quickly the goals came against the selections which made it particularly difficult to take. I think 5 out of the 6 teams lost by 2 goals or more. Thankfully this doesn’t happen often and the bookies themselves also took a hit. It’s always a good sign when your bottom correlates with that of the bookies because, they don’t lose too often and they keep in business for a reason!

Forest continued their good form and beat a Bournemouth side whom seem to have hit a bad patch on Wednesday and covered the best part of 2 of Tuesday’s losses. This meant that we only had 4 matches worth of losses in monetary terms and it doesn’t look half as bad. On any given Saturday where there are nearly 3 times as many bets we’d easily see 4 losses but they’d be covered and more by the few big winners because of the value in the prices.

This just illustrates how important it is to look at the big picture. Us humans are emotional creatures and going to bed on a Tues evening in a bad mood is understandable but the overall profits (+£3,428.40) are still handsome and the ROI (10.4%) is still very healthy! You don’t know which order the wins and losses will come and how streaky either will be, even when you have a good system with an edge. This is why you need to follow a system long term and not dip in and out of it. You also need to keep stakes low and not get over excited at big wins or big losses and the rest will take care of itself.

This is the profit/loss from the midweek matches:

Selection Odds Stake Kelly % P/L
Brentford vs BLACKPOOL 8 109.67 1.03% -109.67
MILLWALL vs Sheffield Weds 2.88 151.54 1.43% -151.54
NOTTM FOREST vs Bournemouth 3.15 78.09 0.73% 167.89
Watford vs ROTHERHAM 5.5 137.91 1.30% -137.91
Wolves vs FULHAM 4.9 110.22 1.04% -110.22
DONCASTER vs Bristol City 2.96 161.82 1.52% -161.82
ROCHDALE vs Sheffield United 3.4 122.25 1.15% -122.25

Good luck all.