Holy Grail Weekend Round Up and Mid-week Selections

Well, as luck would have it, It turned out a good time to announce the Holy Grail betting system and any of you following Bet Monkey’s tips and who saw it’s selections in the comments section of the TipsterTable, will have made a pretty handsome profit at the weekend. No fewer than 8 out of the 13 selections were winners, all above evens and the average odds of the winners average odds of the winners just short of 3/1!

Despite the success of the predictions at the weekend it’s certainly worth pointing out this was an above-average week – nothing can be proven or disproved in a single weekend, after all. Long may it continue though!

As we said we have recently started sending the selections in full as part of the GreenAllover tipster competition and the large returns gained over the weekend now means we now have a massive 24 point lead! Not bad when you consider it’s one point per bet.

For anyone that didn’t see the selections and the confirmed stakes, odds etc after here is run down again (pre any commission):


Bournemouth vs HUDDERSFIELD 6.2 £118.02 -£118.02
Fulham vs IPSWICH 2.46 £92.02 £134.35
Leeds vs MILLWALL 3.55 £131.13 -£131.13
Oldham vs COLCHESTER 4.9 £96.42 £376.04
Peterboro vs ROCHDALE 3.1 £82.56 -£82.56
BURTON vs Oxford 2.16 £88.83 £103.04
Southend vs ACCRINGTON 6.6 £85.53 £478.97
Wycombe vs NEWPORT COUNTY 4.4 £100.75 £342.55
Halifax vs DOVER ATHLETIC 3.55 £87.22 -£87.22
Lincoln vs CHESTER 2.84 £162.82 £299.59
SOUTHPORT vs Macclesfield 3.65 £98.62 -£98.62
WREXHAM vs Barnet 3.9 £96.49 £279.82
Morecambe vs DAG AND RED 4.2 £79.66 £254.91


The overall profit is now £4,528.84 from £29,720.73 worth of stakes and the updated ROI is 13.2%. £29k worth of stakes may seem a lot but the bank we are using is much smaller but by rolling over the same money each week and increasing the stakes as the bank grows means that these quickly add up.

This seasons returns are now slightly above what we are expecting so it may pay to be cautious over the coming weeks. This weekend’s results were, we think, up there with the best on record and it’s important to remember this is about achieving long term profits. There will be losing weeks, possibly months so keep your stakes sensible and certainly no bigger than 2% of your bank for each bet.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their interest in the system and for your kind words. We received a fair amount questions too and although it hasn’t been possible to respond directly as yet, we will be setting up a ‘question and answers’ page to address them all in turn.

Anyway, enough talking- there are a few matches on tonight and tomorrow and here it’s what the Holy Grail system has recommended this time around:


Selection Odds Stake
Bristol City vs PETERBORO 5.2 £105.94
NOTTS COUNTY vs Sheffield United 5.1 £109.67
MANSFIELD vs Luton 3.3 £185.77
LEYTON ORIENT vs Bradford 2.78 £132.66


The odds have drifted a bit on the first two since we placed which is nice for anyone following!

*Please note that our bank has now increased so stakes are higher as a result.


Thanks, -and good luck!