Holy Grail Selections – Feb 21st

Thanks very much to all those that got in touch expressing their interest in the Holy Grail and for your kind words. We’ve sent these people a Q and A detailing more information about how the system works and future plans which I’m sure you all appreciated.

We’re still not sure how the emails will work and whether we’ll send to all Bet Monkey followers or a select few. So if you haven’t yet expressed your interest and you want full selections by email, it would be a good idea to contact us.

The mid-week results yielded a small profit. We actually only had one win from four and backing level stakes returned a small loss but such is the beauty of our Kelly Staking system we still returned a profit. The biggest bet being almost double the other 3 on Mansfield to beat Luton which was a winner.

We’re hoping that the good form will continue this weekend but remember that anything can happen on one weekend so keep your stakes sensible and the goal of long-term profits in mind!

Here are this weekends selections including the Kelly % stakes which can be applied to your own betting banks:


Selection Odds Stake Kelly %
CRYSTAL PALACE vs Arsenal 5.00 221.15 2.04%
Hull vs QPR 4.20 114.23 1.05%
SWANSEA vs Man Utd 4.20 136.30 1.25%
TOTTENHAM vs West Ham 1.83 181.49 1.67%
Wolves vs ROTHERHAM 4.10 136.23 1.25%
COLCHESTER vs Bristol City 4.20 109.94 1.01%
Sheffield Utd vs COVENTRY 6.00 203.06 1.87%
YEOVIL vs Gillinhgham 2.24 99.54 0.92%
Northampton vs YORK 3.55 110.76 1.02%
Barnet vs GRIMSBY 3.25 179.72 1.65%
Bristol Rovers vs ALTRINCHAM 6.40 112.80 1.04%
Forest Green vs TELFORD 5.80 159.91 1.47%