Holy Grail 2015-16 – First Quarter Review


Country Bets Placed Won Lost Staked Profit (pre comm.) ROI (pre comm.) Profit (post comm.) ROI (post comm.)
England 252 89 163 £49,209.94 £6,699.71 13.61% £5,281.96 10.73%
France 17 3 14 £2,153.68 £-574.10 -26.66% £-612.47 -28.44%
Germany 40 13 27 £6,479.00 £2,479.74 38.27% £2,227.95 34.39%
Scotland 7 4 3 £1,126.00 £2,209.26 196.20% £2,167.90 192.53%
Spain 10 3 7 £1,795.54 £1,303.46 72.59% £1,220.05 67.95%
TOTAL 326 112 214 £60,764.16 £12,118.07 19.94% £10,285.39 16.93%


Well, as we’re already a quarter of the way through the 2015-16 season it’s time for an update on the HG system’s performance to date. As is traditional it’s been a roller-coaster ride so far. We started off by investing £20,000 into the system at the start of the season and had a very poor start indeed, dipping to just £15,200 at its lowest point on 21st August. At this point a few subscribers rightly asked the question ‘How does the HG usually perform at the beginning of the season?’ As it happens, the system historically performs better at the beginning of the season than at any other time, so it came as a big surprise to see the start it had made – the worst on record, over 12 (mostly simulated) seasons.

One of the lessons we learned last season with the HG system is ‘patience is a virtue’, and that maxim, so early into the season, was proved to be true once again. From the end of August to today, 7th October, the returns have shown a drastic improvement and is already back in the black, recouping all of those early-season losses. As things stand, a quarter of the way through the season, the overall balance (including additional £5,00 investment) now stands at an impressive £32,744.94 after commission (16.93% ROI). Hopefully the turnaround in fortunes will continue into the next quarter. We’re confident, so much so that as mentioned we have added a further £5,000 into the pot!

The table at the top of this article has some even more impressive figures than we’ve actually achieved and we need to look into why this is. It could be that we are recording prices earlier than when we go to bet or that we’re not getting the full stake matched at the prices we are recording against. Either way, it’s good news in many respects as profits may be able to be improved further especially if you are placing these manually with bookies.

Bet365 are by far the best bookmaker to use if you are looking for a Betfair alternative. At least until Pinnacle Sports returns to the UK market anyway. Not only are they always up there with the best prices but you can navigate through the markets very quickly which is important when placing a high volume of bets on a busy weekend.

As you might expect, the HG system doesn’t stand still. Instead, we invest many hours over the course of the season developing, evolving and expanding its capabilities. That has been true this season too and we’re pleased to say we’ve made a number of alterations to its configuration since August itself to improve results and expand its capabilities still further. In fact, we believe a small part (though by no means all) of the upturn seen this season has come about due to an improvement in how we collect odds prior to an upcoming game. As always, all changes to the system, no matter how large or small, are carefully re-testing / re-simulated in full.

We are currently trialing the placement of Asian Handicap odds – although we’ve only been doing this a couple of weeks initial results are positive (8.05% ROI after 57 bets). We hope these by utilizing this market we can smooth out results somewhat and turnover more money. Not only that, we are now trialing betting on HG away tips for the top Spanish, French, Scottish and German leagues – simulations show an impressive average of 24% ROI for such bets for these leagues, over time. We are in profit on those bets too though we’re only a couple of weeks in. More to follow on these developments.

For those who are subscribed to the Holy Grail system this season I hope you’ve enjoyed the season so far and have stuck with it through the rocky start to benefit from the profits available. If you’re not yet signed-up it’s not too late to get involved – subscribers are able to pay a monthly fee to receive Holy Grail tips as described on the following link: https://www.bettingtools.co.uk/holy-grail-subscriptions.

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