Future Superstars of Canadian Football

We bet that you thought Canada was a country that cares only about ice hockey and winter sports. Maybe it is true that an average Canadian sports fan doesn’t care much about cricket, but curling, lacrosse, and skiing are not the only Canadian sports activities. Football is on a rise big time, and we are not talking about American football but straight-up European soccer. Despite having one long history, it took some time for this sports activity to grow roots on Canadian soil. Once football became one worldwide phenomenon, people took some liking to it so today some young names are writing the new history of Canadian football.

NFL Vs CFL Vs Canada Soccer Association 

Everybody loves football but we do not want you to mix CFL players with up-and-coming soccer athletes as Canada’s football share those same rugby roots with the NFL. Despite those same roots or similarities, Canadian rules are slightly different, starting with the size of their playing field. It seems like Canadians like making their own rules, but this didn’t stop some of those pros to make a transition into the NFL during the years. This domestic football version is perhaps more enjoyable for watching as it brings more action and excitement, but this wasn’t enough for avid sports fans. 

According to statistics, soccer is the most played sport if not the most popular national pastime. One would think that football would take this title because of some cultural influence coming from their southern neighbor, but apparently, this is not the case. People of all ages seem to enjoy soccer and are die-hard supporters of their National Team that is getting stronger every year. Players like Alphonso Davies or Kris Twardek will write a new future in the chronicles of Canadian football. Ever since John Herdman became the general manager of our men’s national team, youngsters like these are getting more chances to prove their skills and qualities. 

Young Lions

Youngsters like Kris Twardek will have time to prove themselves in the upcoming tournaments but Alphonso Davies is already a superstar in his own right. His explosive style and stamina make him one lethal weapon against Bayern’s opponents. When he is in his top shape, Bundesliga odds go down quickly. If you are looking for some great online casino that offers good odds, we can help you find one like Grand Mondial Casino thanks to our great casino reviews. Sites like Grand Mondial Canada are hard to find but this is where one can enjoy great odds plus a variety of casino games available.

The list of young prospects doesn’t end here, with a promising forward like Jonathan David who is becoming the nation’s top goal scorer. His amazing performances against Cuba during the CONCACAF Gold Cup made many European scouts start asking questions about this new kid. It is no wonder that he became the biggest transfer in history when it comes to Canadian players, and he is only twenty years old. There is some bright future for this player in Europe and his national team as well if he stays focus and motivated. Nothing motivates more like a fresh €30 million contract with a top team from France.

The List Goes On

Maybe this generation of folks got lucky as many young players show amazing talent, like Ballou Tabla or Michael Petrasso for example. Michael made his name as one solid midfielder who keeps his game on a top-level throughout the whole season. Study his stats carefully before placing a bet at some of the best sites like Zodiac online casino but be sure to check our zodiac casino review first. There is some great future for Michael as there are not many top-quality wingers out there. Everybody wants to be a forwarder and goal scorer, but only the most intelligent and enduring players grew up into great wingers. 

This position requires great stamina like the one proven by Quebec’s local Ballou Tabla who swore allegiance to the Canadian flag. He is a young hope and a future star in making who proved his qualities by being named the U-20 Player of the Year. Choosing to represent Canada instead of his birth country shows his determination to make his name in a national team. With young prospects like these, our national football team has very good chances to form one formidable squad in near future. Maybe we will witness Canada becoming a new football superpower that can take on Brazil, Italy, or any other major football nation.

If you ever got tired of ice hockey, give Canadian football some chance and you won’t regret it. Many youngsters are waiting in line to prove themselves and take their place in a national team. It is like a football mania that is rocking this country right now. One thing is for sure, we are about to see one great period ahead of us full of gaming action and great bets. Do not forget these future superstars as their future performances will put a lot of cash in your pockets.