Exploring the Exchange

My betting career started when I was 13 when my friend’s Dad would bring home a football coupon on a Friday, we would pick our 2 from each section using the league tables on the back, hand over our unspent lunch money to my friend’s dad and spend our Saturday afternoons watching the scores come in. I remember one Saturday morning while we waited outside the local bookies what seemed like a wise gambler came up and told us how easy it was and all you had to do was double £1 twenty times and you’d have over £1 million. I was hooked.

Fast forward to the start of 2016 and now I am older, wiser and for 6 months had been making a good amount weekly from horse racing bets then I received the dreaded email from Bet365, my account was to be restricted, limited stakes and I would no longer be receiving any offers such as BOG. The restrictions came thick and fast from most booker makers after that, 6 bookies left, 2 bookies left, now 0. I noticed my profits took a massive hit as I was no longer getting the best prices available. I started trying to bet on the exchange but markets hadn’t properly formed the night before and it hurt every time a drifter won. After trying my hand at betting on the exchange I have recruited 5 people to place my bets but sometimes they have delays in getting bets on which inevitably results in me getting lower prices than when I message but at least I get BOG. I pay each person 10% of withdrawals but as they begin to be restricted I have access to less and less accounts and I find myself feeling the long game has to work on the exchange.

Firstly, since the start of July myself and Chris started with £90 in his exchange and we’ve been automatically betting tips from other tipsters on Betting Tools, yes Ted I know what you’re thinking and yes you’re on the list of tipsters we back, at 30p stakes. We have increased stakes twice and now we have a bank of about £155, we hit a high of £180 last week, and have been betting at 50p stakes. Last week we added other bets from our site that aren’t posted on BettingTools because we only post a selection of Pointage on BT, we missed a 40/1 winner at the end of July, it is hard to post only the winners.

Secondly, I am putting £600 into my own Betfair Exchange and starting at £2 stakes and betting all Avocado Racing tips. I am doing this manually because I want more control over when I place bets to try to get a price I like. Last week Chris’s Betfair account was hacked with all the money he had in it blown on tennis betting, this prompted me to change my own password every few of days which is a pain if I was to use Betsender.

We plan to blog every week or so with progress and to share any learnings. We have been trialing the best times to achieve prices recently and although the exchange will never be as easy as betting with the bookies with BOG I have a better understanding of the exchange now than I did previously. My conclusion, there is money to be made. If you want to join in our daily chat where we vent on the highs and lows of backing horses drop us an email through the one we have on Avocado Racing and we’ll create a group chat on Whatsapp.

I hope over time I can keep doubling my betting bank allowing me to double my stakes and get closer to making that million. If I was to double my bank every couple of months it will only take me a couple of years, however as we know gambling success is always rewarded with new challenges like heavy commission charges. I will cross that bridge when it comes!