Eagle Flying High Once Again


Eagle Eyes returned to some of his very best form and he was the star of the show in August. Alongside our very own Market Movers profiles and some very nice totals from Dynamite & co, we’ve seen one of the highest ever recorded total here at the Betting Tools Tipster Table. reducing the number of tipsters we have to our top performers only seems to be working well.

Eagle has always been up there with our best tipsters but he’ll be the first to admit that his form has taken a dive in recent months. In his own words he “re-evaluated his methods and started sticking to better quality races” and it’s paid dividends for him. Sometimes we all need to re-evaluate if things aren’t going well after a patient period.

Being part of the Tipster Table makes you a better tipster and that’s a fact! How do we know? Just ask Andy Holding.

Woodseal, a subscriber to the site (and now firm Betting Tools favourite) was so impressed with our tips this month he donated £100 to the price fund. Thanks again for this Woodseal, it’s very much appreciated.

Tipwise was not the only one back to his bets and subscribers will have been delighted with their huge profits of over 450 units! If you aren’t yet following Tipwise you can sign up here. It’s well worth it particularly because if he doesn’t make a profit you can cancel and request a refund.

The Market Movers had an EVEN stronger month than last and it’s looking like we may have unearthed an absolute gem of a strategy. It has currently generated over 1000 units profits in 6 weeks! A yield of over 20% after over 500 bets is pretty damn solid and another 500 bets and we can be absolutely sure about this I reckon.

Full prizes list is below. As always send me your paypal details if I don’t have them.

AntaeusTen has given some decent tip recently and will be eligible for double prize money from now on as long as the reasoning remains strong.

Thanks as always to all tipsters for taking part and good luck in September.


Tipster Prizes -> Horse Racing
Eagle Eyes -> £50 + £50 Woodseal Bonus
Dynamite21 -> £30 + £20 Woodseal Bonus
Pinpoint -> £20 + £10 Woodseal Bonus
Roland -> £10 + £10 Woodseal Bonus
Pointage -> £5 + £10 Woodseal Bonus

Tipster Prizes -> Football and Tennis
Brian Footy -> £50
AntaeusTen -> £15
Miske1x2 -> £10
ColdGold -> £10