Coping with Losing Bets

Luckily I’ve not had too many losing bets recently and each loss has generally been followed by a handful of winners but I am weary that a bad spell may just be around the corner. It’s funny how a loss can affect you when really it shouldn’t matter that much at all. Win or lose you will still need to find winners in the future and as long as your stake isn’t a sensible % of your bank then it shouldn’t affect the stake of your next bet.

It’s usually a problem for people who are trying to build a small bank into a big one as you feel that the funds you have available aren’t sufficient, so you’re over staking and each loss hits you hard. It will probably cause you to chase and lose even more. I’ve been there and done it myself in the past, even when losing as little as £5! The funny thing is I always had enough money to allow me to stick in another £20 into my account and pretend it never happened but irrational behaviour takes over.

I recently read of someone who had an edge of 5% around the even money mark and was able to double his bank every year. Despite this his bank would only reach a new high 5% of the time so on average after each 19 of 20 bets his bank would be lower than it had been previously. Food for thought maybe.

Last night’s lay of Liverpool didn’t go too well. Liverpool didn’t surprise me with how well they played but they did surprise me by scoring 3 goals. Yet again Carol and Suarez couldn’t hot a barn door despite some really good play and if it wasn’t for Stevie G’s much more composed finishing then it would have been a lot closer score line wise.

At least bet365 are softening the blow with a free £50 in play bet today! It’s available on tonight’s Champion’s League game between Chelsea and Napoli. To claim your £50 free bet all you need to do is place a £50 pre match bet on the game. Then in running place another £50 bet on any of the in-play markets and if that loses bet365 will refund your stake.

Finally, as Betfair are disregarding their forum (or community as they call it) in favour of the lucrative ‘Super Slots’, how about a visit and a post at Betfair Banter instead 😀