Confidence and Optimism in Betting

The Importance Of Confidence and Optimism

If I had to nail down to a couple of traits that a successful horse racing tipster or horse player needs, it’s confidence and optimism.

Without confidence and optimism everything else becomes so much more difficult. I know this from personal experience, and I know how important it is that you strive to build confidence and optimism into your betting, both as a punter and as a tipster.

Without confidence in your ability, and optimism for a positive result, every bet fast becomes a losing one, and every tip is tinged with a high degree of ‘doubt’ that is often a foretelling prophecy to the outcome of the race and your betting future in general.

I have seen it time and time again, especially when a tipster struggles to find winners. When every tip they put up is a losing one, and when every bet they place is just lining the pockets of the bookies. Confidence and optimism differentiate successful tipsters from mediocre ones, and it is these personal qualities that you cannot be without if you are to be a successful tipster and / or punter.

You have heard the old adage of getting straight back on the horse when you fall off. It’s essential to do this in almost any walk of life where difficulty has been encountered, but it is also one of the hardest things to do and it is a credit to people who have overcome their fear and got back on their own horse and continued to persevere, despite their setbacks in the past.

There is nothing more debilitating as a tipster or punter than to see points fall off the board and profits fast disappearing. It can be downright heartbreaking to be honest. I have been there myself and I know the feeling of utter desperation that takes over when tip after tip loses, and nothing seems to be working. But there is a way forward from this, and that’s why I want to share this as a blog post… there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Just recently I had the privilege of working with someone who is a very good tipster. All the hallmarks were there, but that inevitable losing run had begun to take hold and this person reached out to ask for advice and I was happy to help.

The problem was that tipping horses is ‘subjective’ and can be very much based on personal opinion. When the eyes are not looking in the right place, that personal observation becomes tainted by fancy rather than fact. In the above example it was just a case of getting back to basics – getting the essential elements back into place to ensure that every selection tipped up was backed with sound reasoning, and solid and rationale thinking. The results were almost immediate, winner after winner started to come through again and remarkable progress has been made. The deficit is being cut, and it won’t be long before the account is back in the green and real progress can be made again to show a good profit.

That’s all it takes, a re-evaluation of the selection method basically. It’s pointless flogging a dead horse. It’s far better to get off, survey the situation, figure out what worked and what didn’t, and start to focus on the positive aspects and avoid the negative ones.

The same principles apply whether you are a tipster or a punter. If something isn’t working, then why continue with it? The result is that things often get worse. Better to stop, re-evaluate, take stock by doing a personal inventory, and discover why things have developed the way they have and then take the necessary steps to ensure that the turnaround can begin, bet by bet, until the situation has been rectified.

Just recently I have had the flu and it has hit me hard. Harder than I could have thought really, everything I looked at made my head hurt, and trying to pick winners was damn near impossible. I could have continued tipping, and indeed did put up a few, but the results demonstrated that I was clearly ‘off game’ with my selections and the obvious thing to do was stop, have a good think about things, and plan to move forward once I was feeling better.

Confidence and Optimism are powerful weapons for any punter or tipster. Confidence in your own ability is essential, and having an optimistic outlook for a good result is imperative. If you place a bet, or put a tip up, and the confidence and optimism levels are low, there can only be one result – a losing bet or tip. Things have a way of transpiring to your thinking. I know it sounds strange, but when my confidence is low and I am not optimistic about a selection, then the result is almost always a negative one. But conversely, when I am feeling confident in my own ability to find a winner, and I am optimistic that the selection can and will run well, it more often than not follows that line of thought.

Call me ‘cuckoo’ if you must, but I know the power of the mind is immense. It is the one thing we have full control over, yet we only use a fraction of its real power and potential. Computers didn’t build themselves, humans built computers. Nothing in this world came about as a result of someone doing nothing! Everything we have today started out as a ‘thought’, an ‘idea’ and it is this creative and subconscious action that we must tap into as punters and tipsters if we are to succeed.

Again, call this weird, but one of the things I have been doing over the last few months is actually visualising horses, my selections, winning. I found this to be a powerful way of crystalizing in my mind what I needed to cover in order for that horse to win – it is a powerful concept and something as a punter and tipster you can really benefit from. It re-programs your mind in effect, turning you from a losing tipster or punter, to a winning one.

Believe it or not, one of the first big price winners came about this way I am sure. The horse was ‘Hot Pepper’ and it was past midnight when I found this horse. I had done a complete analysis of everything I needed to do, felt it was a good bet, and put it up on the board. When I went to bed I had ‘Hot Pepper’ on my mind, I ran through the whole race, furlong by furlong, before I fell asleep, and when they jumped off the next day I just knew that horse would win! It was that confidence, that optimism, that was at an all time high and there could be no other result in my mind – and so it proved, Hot Pepper won at 40/1.

The same thing happened with Expedite when I started tipping again in December. I had this horrible deficit to clear and I had told myself I really needed a big price one – I programmed my mind to find one, and it did. Expedite appeared as a 5/1 shot on the tissue a few days later and I was convinced this horse was the winner. All I kept doing, hour after hour, was having the word ‘Expedite’ repeating in my mind. I saw the race, visualised the outcome, and couldn’t wait for the off – the result was never in doubt. Expedite won at a staggering 50/1 and made a huge difference to how much I had to find to get back into the green on the tipping board.

Now I am not saying that you should ‘dream’ your way to tipping or punting success, but the power of ‘visualisation’ is such that if you can see yourself being successful in your own mind, you can begin to program that success into your selection and punting process for the better.

There is nothing worse than a tipster or punter on a ‘downer’. It’s hopeless – they lack motivation and enthusiasm, and every tip they put up on the board, or every bet they place, is tinged with negativity – there can be only 1 result, the one they expect – another painful sorry loser that comes last when it should have bolted up.

Confidence and Optimism – be confident. Approach your selections with confidence. Do the homework, know why you are putting it up, and be OPTIMISTIC that once you have tipped it, or bet it, that a good run will ensue and that before to much longer the winners will start flowing again. Program your mind for success – see yourself winning, see yourself being mega confident, see yourself spending your winnings – and it will transpire into reality at some point.

Napoleon Hill once said… “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. So conceive the idea of success, see it, feel it, taste it, live it – and believe it to be so, then set about putting together a plan to achieve it. A sound, solid plan that can only result in one outcome – and know that what you conceive and believe, you can indeed achieve!