Cheltenham Tipping Competition 2016

By now you should all be aware that Cheltenham is fast approaching and Betting Tools are running a Cheltenham Tipping Competition, separate from the main tipping board, in the forum this year. It’s open to everybody, tipster or follower, and will be a lot of fun so really hope that as many people take part in this great opportunity (and I am sure we will have a few laughs along the way as well to lighten the mood! – mostly at Eagle’s expense I am sure! – it’s all good fun!).

But on the serious side, there are some amazing prizes on offer for the Cheltenham Tipping completion this year so it is well worth participating – you just never know your luck!

Total prize money, the last time I looked, was around £460 and I am not sure that is the grand total yet as it is growing daily and could top £500. Prizes are extended to the winner, 2nd place and 3rd place getters.

Betvictor have also kindly sponsored the competition and added £150 to the prize pot. Who said all all bookies are bad! There are some good ones, and Betvictor rank amongst the top in my mind so glad to see they came to the party here, nice one Victor!

Brian is also hoping to offer an additional prize for the highest priced selection (to be confirmed) which is brilliant, so even if you don’t win overall there are some great opportunities to still come out ahead.

Betting Tools tipsters and followers are a great bunch of guy’s and gals, we love horse racing, and we have a lot of laughs along the way in our quest to beat the bookie, and this competition adds another great dimension to the BT site. It’s all about community coming together, enjoying the sport of horse racing, and pitting their knowledge and skills against other like-minded individual. For me personally, Betting Tools is the Facebook of horse racing – a great social community to be a part of.

Registering for the Cheltenham Tipping Competition is simple, and like I stated earlier, you don’t have to be a tipster to participate as it’s an open competition so anyone can participate.

Entry fee is just £10 and you can register here to pay via Paypal.

Last year we ran a similar competition, and while it was aptly named ‘King Of Cheltenham’ at the beginning, it was soon realised that a renaming was required when Tracy duly bolted up as the winner to become the ‘Queen of Cheltenham’, much to everyone’s delight (and surprise hehehehe). So T will be looking to defend her crown this year and is already hard at work scanning the latest news reports, race cards, and betting odds, looking for opportunities to outplay us all again.

So, if you are thinking of entering the competition, please get your entry in early.

Basically, what you have to do each day is submit a list of selections for every race at the Cheltenham Festival. Tip up every race, and a ‘next best’ in the even of a non-runner, and then sit back and watch them win! Well, hope they win anyway.

You can also view who has already entered as well, so you know who you are playing against and develop a strategy to beat them!

And of course on the flip side, having the Cheltenham tips in the forum will also provide tipster followers with the opportunity to see what tips their favourite tipsters are putting up. Is there a consensus amongst tipsters as to who the winner of a particular race is, and hopefully spot some great betting opportunities for Cheltenham as well.

I personally want to ‘kick butt’ this year with my Cheltenham tips. After the disaster of last year I have some serious ground to make up, so looking for a good one personally.

So, if you are already in the competition, then sit back and wait for the fun to begin.

It’s competitive, it’s fun, and I have a load of goats milk on order so I am going to be in good shape for this!

And last but not least… there is a rumour, ShyRon is also in the competition – that makes it mega interesting!

So, if you are not in the Betting Tools Cheltenham Tipping Competion, you should be! Secure your place and play for Cheltenham gold. Register today and come and join us for a fantastic week of tipping and betting action, a load of laughs at Eagle’s expense, and the opportunity to win some serious cash… Horse Racing Heaven!

In my next article I will be providing a list of Cheltenham resources, free guides and resources to use and abuse in your quest to win Cheltenham. Will be with you shortly.

Until next time…