BettorValue Premium Tipping Service

From the 1st of November I am transitioning both the BVSystemBets and BettorValue profiles into a premium service, offering a horse racing advisory service for investment-minded individuals who seek to make good profits from horse racing without having to study the form book or seek statistical angles to bet themselves.

For the last 20 months or so I have proofed my tips to Betting Tools. There have been highs and there have been lows, but overall I have amassed an impressive level of profit across both BV profiles (BVSystemBets & BettorValue), second only to Tipwise (Ron) overall.

Those who have followed my selections have enjoyed winners across the whole odds spectrum and in particular the BVSystemBets profile has never been in negative territory since day one.

Both profiles show a very good yield, and I aim to increase this considerably over the coming months. In particular I have made it a point to ensure that BV followers can generally get on at the odds I put the selections up at… this sometimes means I have put a lower price than what’s available at times to ensure this is the case and to keep my yield transparent.

The new BV Premium service will include both BVSystemBets and BettorValue selections.

At present the BettorValue profile is locked to 2 selections a day, and this will continue to be the case. Both selections will represent huge value over the tissue odds I generate, allows providing a large profit margin to ensure we care constantly ahead of the game and punishing the bookie at every opportunity.

We don’t win every time, but when we do win it’s at odds that are far greater than they should be. Looking back at my betting history you can see for yourself the gains that can be made, even on a losing run the recovery is relatively quick with 1 or 2 at decent prices getting us right back up there.

My philosophy is that with every loser we are one step closer to a winner. And with every winner we are making such a good profit margin that the insulation against losers becomes immense. That’s not to say we won’t suffer losing runs, but when they do happen we are well prepared for them and any money lost is only on ‘loan’ to the bookie until it comes time to collect with huge interest on the winners.

I am not a conventional tipster, a fact that cannot be argued. In fact it is probably the unconventional nature of my tipping that makes my tips so profitable. I go against the market – it’s a game I play with them and aim to win at every opportunity. Of course it doesn’t always pan out the way I want it to, but overall the market hates what I do because I always come out taking money from them in the end.

I am a firm believer that the only way to make money is to punt value. To seek angles, and statistical advantage that mainstream punters generally ignore. It is this ‘value approach’ that has seen me tipping up horses as big as 100/1 that win and place.

I know there are a lot of BV Followers lurking in the shadows and we have enjoyed a good run over the last 20 months. It’s a natural progression that I take this to the next level and I am hoping that a good few followers have enough faith in me long-term to subscribe and continue to benefit from my value and system horse racing tips.

So What Will You Get When You Subscribe?

Firstly, the level of information I provide for each tip will be in-depth. At present I ‘summarize’ my thinking in my writeups for the value selections, and provide very little insight into my thinking on the system bets.

However, when you consider that tonight (Thurs, 20th October) I highlighted Lady Bacchus as a big price in the comments on the Betting Tools website at 33/1 and stated she was a huge value bet at 33/1 from a yard that are doing well – and she was only narrowly beaten by a short head into 2nd, that is the sort of insight I will be providing in my write ups exclusively for BV Subscribers. Indeed, while I will put up a selection, in some races I may point out additional value or system plays at big odds for small outlay and big upside if and when they play out like they did tonight.

When you consider tonight I also tipped up a 100/1 shot that was available at 125/1 in places at the time of tipping, and it ran as I expected and hit the frame, paying out more than the 1st and 2nd horse, that is the sort of plays we will be making regularly – and as a BV Subscriber you will be privy to my insight and thinking on races such as this. You didn’t see that horse tipped up anywhere else today at 100/1 e/w and we were on it to hit the frame.

My betting record is full of ‘biggies’. It’s up to you whether you punt them to win or e/w. I provide the information and you get the opportunity to act on it. Like the 100/1 shot we punted right down to 12/1 that duly bolted up recently – as BV Followers you had first run at that price, the market simply followed our lead in that respect.

The fact that I’m different in my approach is my strength. Tipsters are a dime a dozen, but tipsters with an ‘edge’ are a rare commodity. It’s the ‘edge’ I have that ensures we make money!

Who’s the BV Premium Service for?

Well, let me start by first telling you who it’s NOT for. It’s not for punters who want to place a few quid on a selection at big odds and hope for the best. Picking and choosing which one they want to punt and which one they want to ignore. This is just gambling in my mind and overall people who do that rely on luck to a large degree.

Instead, the type of Subscriber I know I want is investment minded. Who knows my record, has confidence in my ability, and simply wants to follow my lead on each bet. There’s no luck involved, each tip has risk calculated, a profit margin built in, and when things fall right the horse wins or places and its job done. I know there are a few BV followers like that out there… you are the ones I want to bring on board with this new service.

You will need a decent size betting bank and be willing to stake at least £10 on each selection, or in the case of multiple selections split stakes to the value of £10.

The sort of person I am looking for will keep a concise betting record, be able to measure performance, and be ready and able to place the bets the minute I advise them to ensure they obtain the same prices I do. I am thinking a limit of 10-15 Subscribers would be good and I have advised Brian to close the doors once that limit has been met, so if you are on board then let Brian know asap and secure your place now.

The sort of subscriber I’m looking for will view this as a business opportunity rather than another opportunity to gamble. It’s serious business, and with every business there is always the assumption that a very decent return on investment will be achieved.

I will be backing every selection I put up with my own cash also. This forces me to ensure we are growing our betting bank together – if you put your faith in me to provide the tips, its only fair I place my money where my mouth is and follow suit.

So What’s the Monthly Outlay?

The monthly subscription is £99.95. That equates to around £3.33 a day (over a 30 day period) and is equivalent to a cup of coffee at Costas each day. Same level of enjoyment, but a far better return on investment!

If you think the monthly subscription is expensive, you are right! It is. And for good reason… I want this to be a premium service in every sense and quality costs. If you balk at the subscription price the service is not for you and I wish you well.

But, if you are like the gentleman who took my word the 100/1 shot we backed last month was sound, and stuck something like £30 e/w on it based on my advice – then you are surely the sort of person I want to be a part of the BV team in the future and I promise you there will be many more opportunities to profit like that again in the future if you subscribe to my premium service.


I know I am unconventional. I am like marmite, you either love me or hate me. If you love me you have made money following me, if you hate me you have not followed me and missed out on some very big priced winners.

Love me or hate me, you cannot deny I am good at what I do and you have to respect that the BV insight is different from anything you have seen before. Big headed I am for sure, confidence in my ability to deliver is essential in this game. The minute you lack confidence you are doomed and its a downward spiral from there!

So, if you have enjoyed some nice priced winners, if you love me rather than hate me, and want to ensure you are on the positive side of the betting ledger in the future, then the obvious next step is to subscribe to the BV Premium Service now. Secure your place and get ready for the 1st of November when the journey really begins.

As with all premium tipster accounts, you will have the option of cancelling your subscription at any time. If the service doesn’t make a profit overall (2 profiles combined) in any particular month you can cancel and request a refund for that month. I know Brian does have some restrictions about rejoining if you do cancel and request a refund… but the option is there as a guarantee, and there are not many (if any) tipsters who provide that level of assurance in this day and age.

To subscribe, contact Brian by email at: and he will arrange to get you on board. I am in this for the long-term, so only join if you have a winning mindset, can suffer a few losers along the way to betting profits, and know that with each loser we are one step closer to landing the next winner.

Of course the betting record will also continue to be displayed on the Betting Tools website also. There will be ups and downs, it’s still horse racing after all, and there are no guarantees – other than that my undivided attention is applied to every selection, that value is at the forefront of my mind, and that every bet placed has the odds on our side.

The BV Premium Service starts on the 1st of November, the BV tips will still be accessible to BT subscribers up until then, and when you consider this month alone I have generated +35pts profit so far across both BV profiles the proof I am a good bet to build your betting bank long-term.