Bookies reopening banned accounts

In the last couple of weeks at least 3 of the major online bookmakers have decided to offer a minimum bet guarantee on UK and Irish horse racing. Kudos to BetVictor who were the first to allow punters the guaranteed chance to win up to £500 mimimum and now Betfair and SkyBet have all followed suit.

Each bookmaker has slightly different rules about what time this comes into play (some from 10am and some 11am)  and which races the guarantee applies to, so please check the exact terms on each bookmakers website. At the moment Betfair and SkyBet are mainly offering the guaranteed bet on class 1 and class 2 races but betting with BetVictor you can get on all UK and Irish races daily. Unlike the other 2 bookmakers, BetVictor also allow the guarantee on each way bets too. There is however no best odds guaranteed on this market with any of the bookmakers.

Depending on how succesful the introduction is we could see improved offerings on these terms, especially as more bookies jump on board and try to compete. Although it’s not yet a perfect offering, the fact that previously restricted accounts are now able to get on and have the chance to win £500 is obviously excellent news. BetVictor are also allowing banned accounts to be reactivated which is superb.

Indeed, customers of BetVictor have already confirmed that they have had their banned accounts reopened and hopefully other bookies are remaining true to their word with regards to this.

If you do have a closed account with betvictor you can email to get them to reopen it. If you have successfully had your account reopened (or they’ve refused!), we’d love to hear from you in the comments.