Biggest Casino wins in Vegas!

Biggest Casino wins in Vegas!

Hitting it big in Vegas is the dream of gamblers everywhere – from the casual players who enjoy a game at to the hardcore fans who can name every slot machine produced since 1993, Vegas is the dream where you can win it back and (by and large) these wins are all from the slot machines. Here are a few of the biggest wins on record where players walked away millionaires (though it wasn’t always enough for them).

Amy Nishimura wins $8.9 million
There can be a lot of superstitions surrounding slot machines, especially when you’ve been playing for a long time, but for Amy Nishimura it paid off for having a ritual! You see, Amy had a slot machine that was ‘her machine’, it was the one she went to every time she took a holiday in Vegas and she’d whisper to it, trying to coax it into giving her a big win. Until one day, during a 3 hour session in the Freemont Hotel, she hit it big! The jackpot landed and Amy walked away with slightly under $9 million to her name.

Elmer Sherwin wins $4.6 million (and then $21 million)

A World War II vet and possibly one of the luckiest men alive, Elmer Sherwin was 76 when he won $4.6 million playing on the Megabucks machine (you’ll see this name pop up a lot, it offers a pretty hefty pay-out). He took the winnings, a new millionaire, and started travelling. But he never stopped playing slots – if he got a good chance he’d sit down, start the reels spinning and see how his luck panned out. Until he eventually won even more money and netted $21 million. He donated a large amount of this money to Hurricane Katrina victims, which may help soothe any jealousy felt at the luck to win a Jackpot twice.

John Tippin wins $11 million

John Tippin won it big in 1996, a former postal worker who went on vacation to Vegas and hit it big! However, Jon’s story isn’t entirely happy – while he made a lot of money there was a psychological and emotional toll once he went public with the results. He published a book about his experiences called I Did It! My Life After Megabucks which talks about the effect winning such a large sum had on him. It may be hard to feel too sorry for him, but if you’re curious to know how it would feel to win it big, there’s not many better books around.

Unknown man wins $39.7 million

In 2003, a 25-year-old man waiting for a basketball game to start managed to win quite possibly the BIGGEST slot win in Vegas history. And nobody has any idea who he is. He’s opted to keep his identity a secret, likely to avoid the same situation facing John Tippin. With yearly instalments, he’ll still be getting millions to this day, though nobody knows who he is.

Despite the astronomical odds, winners do happen, and it never hurts to suddenly have a million in your pocket!