Big Brother Betting – Best Value Bets

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but watching Celebrity Big Brother is certainly more interesting than watching the group of desperate wannabes that nobody has ever heard in the other version of the show.

Most importantly it provides a betting opportunity and means that you can actually sit down with the Mrs to watch something that isn’t sport related.

We’ve seen more than half of this year’s line up before so it should be easier to price up than usual. This is because there is a panel of all stars who act as editors and who between them decide who should be ‘edited out’ which goes on to affect nominations.

The format for the 19th Celebrity series seems a bit weak and the edited out bit not very well explained to viewers or contestants but perhaps it will improve or that part will be ditched along the way.

We’re 5 days in now and everyone has arrived in the house now (we think) and nobody yet evicted, so it’s a good time to do some betting analysis.

Calum Best is the obvious favourite, a pretty cool bloke whom the larger proportion of the voters (the females) will vote for. At just over 4/1 though, there’s little to no value, especially when the fact that his Mum Angie Best being is in there makes it a potential recipe for disaster. He also only managed 3rd in his previous Big Brother experience.

Angie begun looking like a vulnerable older woman who may be out of her depth but has since shown herself to be a strong character and Heidi and Spencer know they’re in there to wind people up. It can’t end well there can it.

Heidi and Spencer aka Speidi are second favourites which is not surprising since they finished runners up in 2011. They didn’t win that show though (won by Rylan Clark) and I think the viewers are more likely to be fed up with their antic now.

The Jedward popularity also baffles me somewhat and if Louis Walsh hadn’t picked them for the Xfactor they’d have been lucky to have made cbeebies presenters. I can’t bring myself to back them at any price.

Nicola, Stacy, Coleen and Angie can all be ignored in the betting in my opinion. Very opinionated and verging on bitchy women rarely seem to do well in Big Brother and I don’t think there’s enough redeeming features there. Angie may go on to surprise us but she seems to be trying a little too hard and her groping of Bianca in the roleplay scenario was very awkward, particularly for Calum.

Coleen’s confidence has been very surprising especially since we saw her effectively having a breakdown on a programme that aired right before the Big Brother launch show. Arriving late to the Whitney conversation between Ray J and having the audacity to tell the partner of the deceased at the time what she was thinking and assuming it was suicide was quite something.

She was paid back for this royally by Angie Best though who basically fat shamed her and told her she was a heart attack waiting to happen. Celebrities ay. It looks like there be tears again for Coleen.

Jasmine is a big price at very 80/1 with bet365. I can’t see her winning but she’s more likeable than many of the other girls so I think her price is a bit of a strange one and it may be worth a back to lay. She’s a character who will befriend a lot of the others and I think she’ll be in for a while yet.

James Jordan has so far managed to tame his arrogant twatish ways and he’s clearly learnt a thing or two since his last stint on the show. Perhaps it’s been the endless amount of twitter abuse he’s no doubt received. James is like marmite and he’ll eventually get confrontational with somebody in such a volatile house. Even if he doesn’t, he’s unlikely to be popular enough to win and his price of 20/1 is about right.

Austin will do ok I think but he’ll fair no better than last time in my opinion and not backable at 9/1.

Brandon, Jamie and James C are very quiet at the time of writing but Jamie has shown himself to be humorous at times and perhaps not quite the knob-head footballer that people were expecting. I think he may be an outsider worth a gamble at 25/1.

Brandon looks as though he still doesn’t know where he is, which is not surprising considering the amount of drugs he’s taken in his life and James C clearly shouldn’t be in there.  He seems far too respectable to be in this mad house. The public may start to feel sorry for him though and if he can avoid the vote from fellow housemates he could do better than expected but he can’t win.

That leaves Ray J and Bianca Gascoigne who look like they could offer the best value at the current prices. Ray J is an entertaining character and possibly not as annoying as expected so far. I think the housemates and the public will want to keep him in to hear more about Whitney and the Kardashians and 13/1 looks good value.

Bianca is a little quiet but she seems a nicer girl than is portrayed in the media and I just feel her price is a little too big at 33/1.


Betting Advice

Ray J to win at 12/1

Bianca Gascoigne back to lay at 33/1

Jamie O’Hara back to lay at 25/1

Jasmine Waltz back to lay at 80/1