Betting Investment – Week 2 Results

Starting Bank: £364.24
Current Bank: £250.19
Return: -£114.05
ROI -31.31%

Another loss made this week after hundreds more bets and although it’s only 2 weeks into this challenge it’s time for changes. The overall funds are down by nearly a third, to £250 from £364 in 2 weeks and after hundreds of bets something clearly isn’t working.

BettingResource’s tips are still going through a rare bad patch and horse racing has made over £35 in losses in itself. I am confident BR will return to form but I think it’s time to put racing on the back burner. The bets are for the lowest amounts due to the losing streaks and it takes up the most time to get the bets on daily. So stopping these bets for this challenge is a no brainer.

Horse racing tipsters dominate the top positions in my tipster table and I thought I’d be silly not to include them. However, it seems you really do need to be making the most of the best available prices and just betting with one bookie or in this case Betfair makes it much more difficult to make it pay. There are more reduction factors than you’d expect and there’s no best odds guaranteed either.

You can request to take the start price with Betfair but with many of the racing tips being on the shorter priced horses this is unlikely to help much either, with most of them possibly shortening up. Now that I’m no longer betting on the horses I’ve decided I only really need Pinnacle and Betfair for this challenge. I’ll therefore be moving the bet365 funds to my severely depleted Pinnacle account!

As you can imagine updating the excel sheet is a big ask after so many bets and another loss and I’ve also decided that it’s too much like hard work to maintain. Now that I’m only using 2 accounts, Betfair and Pinnacle I can pretty easily monitor performance. I also have the tipster records of all the tipsters I use, either on my site or externally and I don’t think I need such detailed records.

I started returning to trading in the last few days and remembered how much easier I find this. I have been successful in the past with trading and although I have tried to steer clear of it due to the time cost, I have decided that I need to do more of this again. I have a subscription with Gruss and will look to automate some strategies too.

There is some good news at least in that the premier league will return soon which I’m looking forward to as I made a very nice profit and finished second in Cassini’s Friendly Tipster League. This year there’s £2000 up for grabs from just a £52.50 entry fee and if you like to tip on football I challenge you to join and beat me!