Betting Community

Whilst betting/trading is a very solitary activity, since I joined twitter I have very much felt the sense of a betting community. It more than makes up for what is now lacking on the betfair forum. I don’t tweet as much as I like (aim to increase) but read daily and the fast paced nature and character limit is perfect for the witty betting banter insight and comments of betting enthusiasts. I admittedly have had my struggles with how much energy, thought and time I have and should be spending on betting and whilst perhaps I have overdone it at times, I am starting to realise just how great the world of sports betting is. Perhaps I felt as if I shouldn’t be occupying so much of my time on it because of other’s opinions but after a bit of a break I have remembered that there aren’t too many things I enjoy more.
Sports on their own are exciting so add money and numbers and you have a dream combination. Betting for most now days is about a mathematical edge, staking plans and trading software. No longer is betting a seedy past time of the poor and obsessive compulsive who walks into Ladbrokes and blow the rent money but is now instead a hobby or even a profession for intelligent people. So whether you do it for fun, a few extra beer tokens or aspire to make a living from it, it’s time to enjoy being part of the sports betting community.
After all, enjoying it is certainly no worse than enjoying X factor and aspiring to make a living from it is no more deluded than 90% of the X factor applicants!
Here are my current top 10 sports betting related people (in no particular order) to follow on twitter:
@BorisRanting (Scott Ferguson) – Finger on the pulse of the betting industry. Excellent knowledge of racing and tennis and advice on ale!   
@FluffsFault (Fluffs) –  Posts some very funny tweets and a decent tip or two. Prolific tweeter.
@EddyGecko (Eddy Gecko) – Lots of opinions and banter. Also a Prolific tweeter.
@InnoBystander (Innocent Bystander) – Listed because I remember some absolute classic tweets from him.
@marklangdon  (Mark Langdon) – Racing posts football expert and also on Talksport (Mondays). The modern-day statto.
@Sports_Punter (Sports Punter) – Reading his tweets, you’d think he’d never won a bet in his life but his pessimistic outlook is amusing.
@Calciocassini (Cassini) – Doesn’t tweet much but his Green All Over blog forms a big part of the betting community.
@markyiverson (Mark Iverson) – Expert Cricket Trader. Managed to withstand multiple Cassini attacks.
@GamblerFalls (Stephen Maher) – Another cricket trader with good betting knowledge.
@ms_arsenal (Stephanie King) – Attractive women who enjoy sports and gambling are rare!