Betfair – Review

Betfair have revolutionised the way we bet and helped make it possible for serious bettors to make money from betting. Created in 2000 they have been pioneers in lay bets and in-play betting and they have been instrumental to the development of sports betting over the last decade.

Best known for their exchange which acts as a broker for peer-to-peer betting, Betfair are more often than not the best price available particularly on outsiders and long shots. Other bookmakers have stepped up their pricing on the shorter selections to compete but Betfair are still thought  to be used as the industry guide in many markets.

Betfair is the best site for those wanting to take the professional approach. The interface is simple and allows you to place your bets easily and quickly.

Other key features are the access to stats and form information that Betfair provides and Betfair Video which has all sorts of sports betting events many of which are not on TV.

Betfair also allows you to customise your own page by excluding any markets for sports you’re not interested in and when you win they settle your account instantly. There are few others who can compete with the speed of this service.

The more technical able bettor is also able to create their own automated betting systems by connecting to Betfair via third-party software applications or writing their own code.

You don’t have to be a genius to do this, especially if it’s just some advanced trading you would like to do and applications such as Gruss, Bet Angel and A Geek’s Toy are very popular even amongst the more casual punters.

The Sportsbook area of the site is a recent addition to Betfair and whilst many of the prices available won’t appeal to the more serious-minded bettor, this at least offers a better alternative to markets where there is little or no liquidity (money available) for the bet you’d like to make.

Eventually it is believed that these prices will be fed directly onto the Betafir Exchange and provide a decent starting point for odds which could then be improved upon by shrewd Betfair users who are able to work with more accurate prices.

Betfair have received some bad publicity in recent times due to down time and additional (premium) charges for winning customers but they still offer the best service for those looking to profit from betting.

No other bookmaker or exchange has had to tackle the same sorts of problems that Betfair have and they are issues that their competitors will no doubt face further down the line if they are to come close to the success of Betfair.

Anyone complaining about Betfair are almost guaranteed to have an active Betfair account and some will still be making a lot of money by using them. So take any negative comments you hear with a pinch of salt. It’s because Betfair are so good and important to the intelligent bettor that people care so much and have strong opinions.

If you are new to Betfair please don’t be put off if it looks a little different to what you’re used to. It doesn’t take long to get up to speed and we here at Betting Tools will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

If there was only one bookmaker/exchange that we were able to recommend it would be Betfair.

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