Betfair Fixed Odds

So Betfair’s Fixed odds are live. In most cases they will be pretty pointless as the exchange prices will be superior and Betfair will probably just be hoping they can do a bit of trap betting and that some may get confused and place bets with them instead of the exchange! In quieter markets where there is little option but to take a horrific price or not get a bet on at all, there will now at least be the option to take a more realistic one, albeit one with a fairly hefty built-in overround of 9 or 10%. It doesn’t seem the best way of implementing this to me though and I don’t see why Betfair can’t seed the exchange markets themselves or at least allow other companies to for reduce commission as they have done in the past. Ah well, I doubt I’ll need to use the fixed odds myself but as long as the exchange model sticks around and doesn’t get tampered with I’ll be happy.
Just a quick note about a tennis player I’d never previously heard of, Brian Baker. He beat Monfils last night and made me a tidy sum after I saw some info posted about him on another website. He used to be number 2 in the world at Junior level when Murray, Djokovic and Monfils were Juniors. He’s been out of the game for a number of years professionally due to horrific injuries but is now back and has some very impressive wins over top US players. Some of his tennis last night was a delight to watch and it appears there is an American that can actually play well on clay. Monfils was not at his best but Baker’s talent was there for all to see and I’m looking forward to seeing how far he can go in the French Open. He’s 1.72 to get another win tonight against Kukushkin which I think is a decent price.