Betdaq 0% commission!

Betdaq 0% commission on the Grand National
I among many others have been longing for more liquidity on Betdaq mainly because commission is cheaper than Betfair but also because a monopoly on anything is no good and more competition for Betfair will only improve things all round  for us punters.  Whilst liquidity is creeping up gradually we need more and so now is the perfect chance to get on Betdaq and help as they are removing commission charges for the Grand National.
We all like a bet on the best horse race of the year, so do yourself a favour and place your bet with Betdaq. You’ll get great odds as well as having no commission to pay and you’ll be helping improve the competition between the betting exchanges.
If you‘re stuck on what to bet on, I can recommend SunnyHillBoy. Why I here you ask. Well because I picked it out of a hat for the sweepstake at work! What better reason do you need than that?